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Discovery Knoxville Reveals $1.8 Million Wellness And Fitness Centre

June 30, 2019

Discovery Inc. had fitness equipment delivery coming into their Knoxville headquarters for some time now, and early June, the company finally revealed why.

Employees were invited into the latest addition to the corporate building, which includes services like group classes, physicals, and even urgent sick care. The centres were fully opened on the 14th of June, starting with the fitness centre, then the wellness centre following hours later.

The opening ceremony for the fitness centre was attended by Discovery’s Chief HR Officer, Adria Alpert Romm, who also announced that there are plans to add a day care centre at the Knoxville office, to open sometime at fall 2020.

Alpert Romm says that it’s a different experience, being a working mother, and it’s for that reason that she happily announced the Knoxville office’s plans for a day care centre. Reportedly, the centre will have spots for 60 children, from infants to pre-school age range, located near the wellness centre, as well as sporting a playground for the kids.

During the sneak peek, Discovery employees were invited to take tours of the new centres, as well as join activities like getting a massage, getting to know the wellness and fitness centre teams, as well a take photos and enjoy snacks.

Messer Construction handled the construction and fitness equipment delivery at the facilities, with operations to be handled by Premise Health, which also handles four other wellness facilities for Discovery Inc. at other locations throughout the US.

Premise Health CEO Stu Clark issued a statement on the development, saying that their goal is provide accessible, high-quality care that’ll improve the short-term and long-term health of employees. He adds that a wellness centre and a fitness centre is a statement from Discovery, a clear declaration of their concern for the well being of their employees.

The wellness centre includes primary care services like allergy shot administration, health problem management, nutrition and mental health services, and others, staffed by a full-time nurse, a part-time physician, as well as a dietician, wellness coordinator, and a mental health counsellor, plus clinical and administrative support staff.

Discovery employees and any of their dependents aged over 12 covered under their plan can utilize the services.