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Entertaining Images That Can Be Viewed From Google Maps

April 29, 2020

The images of landmarks, buildings and skyscrapers that an individual sees in an illustrated map appear like they were inspired by a view from an airplane. This is the reason why illustrated maps are also called bird’s eye view maps. However, how do the illustrated maps differ from Google maps?

Virtual sightseers and local app developers were obviously excited when satellite images were included into the map search interfaces but as further innovations like Google Streetview were introduced, it caused consternation’s among privacy advocates. However, some of the awesome images that you can view in Google Maps are pure entertainment pieces and do not invade privacy.

Just off Extraterrestrial highway near Area 51 is the brilliant ad of KFC way back in 2006. It was supposed to be viewed by space aliens although it can be viewed through Google Maps. In Great Britain, a park displays a giant thumbprint but it is actually a large maze designed by Chris Drury.

In 2006, map enthusiasts pointed out a swastika-shaped building of the US Navy. In 2017, the building’s profile was changed at a cost of $600,000 because of the pressure from radio commentators and the Anti-Defamation League.

If all satellite pictures are stitched together so that users can pan continuously in mapping programs, some strange effects can occur at the transition edges. An example of the phenomenon is when two pictures taken at different angles are spliced together. It would appear that tall buildings and other structures are leaning sharply. This phenomenon is called the Escher Effect.

When Google announced in January 2007 that it is sending a plane to several Australian locations to update Google Map images, several people attempted to communicate with messages in large texts but failed. Tourism Australia managed to send a message by paying a sand sculptor to form the letters on Bondi Beach in Sydney.

You are encouraged to visit to view several examples of illustrated maps of cities, towns, resorts, campuses and tourist destinations. A map illustrator is available to create an artistic aerial view of your area at a certain moment in time so that you will have a unique advertising tool.