Erica Ender As The First Latina To Be Nominated For The Grammy’s

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Erica Ender As The First Latina To Be Nominated For The Grammy’s

 Women from Latin countries are famous for their exotic and unique beauty. Most latin women are drop dead gorgeous with black hair, beautiful dark eyes, tan skin and curvaceous bodies. However, it is wrong to stereotype Latinas as party goers and fun loving because they are also determined to achieve their dreams just like women from other parts of the world.

Erica Ender is no stranger to music because she is one of the top songwriters in Latin America. Ericawill be celebrating her 25th anniversary in the music industry as a performer and she has tons of reasons why she has to celebrate. Last November 28, the Recording Academy announced the list of nominees for this year’s Grammy’s and Ender is the first Latin American woman nominee for the song of the year in the Grammy history.

Ender received a congratulatory tweet from the Recording Academy while she was preparing for a performance with Roberto Carlos for an annual Christmas special in Rio de Janeiro. If Ender wins the coveted award for Despacito, her message to the world will be about perseverance and unity. Winning is not about competing but sharing. Those who sing the songs are obviously the face while those who write and produce are the people working in the sidelines to make everything possible.

In spite of campaigns for general equality, women are still considered the minority. However, women today are more determined to achieve their dreams so that they can empower other women. Women persevere with their values and talent so that they can reach their goals in an honest way. Even if Ender is the only woman involved in what is happening at present, she wants to share the recognition with those who helped make Despacito overwhelmingly successful.  Success cannot be accomplished alone.

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