Four Mistakes To Avoid While Visiting Bangkok

January 20, 2019

Travelling to a new destination is always stressful. No matter, how eagerly you look forward for the trip, travelling to a new country involves a lot of stress and anxiety. This is a list of travelling mistakes, made by most of the first time visitors to Bangkok. Go through the list and be prepared to avoid them.

  1. Choosing a hotel

Bangkok is a busy city with too much of traffic. It is a popular tourist destination, financial capital of Thailand and is also a famous destination for medical tourism. Owing to a number of people visiting the country throughout the year, the city has a number of accommodation options. However, it is important to choose a 4 star hotel in Bangkok in the right location. Choose the hotel which is close to the areas, which you intend to explore. Staying at a hotel, which is close to the mass transit stations in the city also helps the tourists to save time by escaping the traffic congestion on the roads during the peak hours.

  1. Packing too many clothes

Bangkok is a shopping paradise. There are many shopping malls and street shopping markets that sell good quality clothes and accessories at reasonable prices. Pack light and have room for your shopping items in Bangkok.

  1. Not bargaining at the markets

Bargaining with the vendors of street side shopping markets, allows you to buy your favourite goods and accessories at best prices. Moreover, it is fun to bargain with these vendors. However, be reasonable while bargaining and do not bargain too much. It is advisable to roam around a bit and explore the markets to know the price of a product.

  1. Underestimating the traffic

Travelling through the rush hour traffic in Bangkok is very difficult. Start early and set aside ample time to arrive at your destinations. Account for the traffic, while calculating distances between different attractions. It is advisable to stay at 4 star hotel in Bangkok, which is close to the BTS and MRT stations. This will help you to avoid the traffic and reach the destination on time. Most of the tourist attractions in the city are connected by mass transit systems.