Georgia Father And Daughter Team Creates 3D Pixel Art Toy

September 27, 2017

A Georgia-based father and daughter team turned their bonding time into the next big thing for fun family bonding and mother daughter activities, with a new product called STiKidotz, which acts akin to the fun combination of LEGOs, stickers and pixel art.

Invented by CK and Yannie Tan, the father-daughter team responsible, is that this new product is a new, fun way for families to get together, and create something that they can use to decorate cars, clothing, or anything they want to.

STiKidotz stickers are comprised of small, individual pixel-shaped mini-stickers, which are bendable and connectable into any shape, which allows their users to create anything they want, be it a team logo, a message, a character or whatever their imaginations can come up with.STiKidotzdoesn’t require adhesives, water or any ironing, as the built-in adhesive on the back handles cohesion. It’s also food-safe and non-toxic, while leaving no residue. The stickers are also made of soft silicone, so they won’t hurt when they’re stepped on when they’re inevitably left lying around the house after mother daughter activities, a problem commonly associated with LEGOs everywhere.

According to the Tans, they set out to invent STikidotz as the combination of different ideas in order to solve a single issue.  CK Tan says that he’s always had a passion for pixel art and 8-bit style, a passion he says started from his first pixel art program back in high school. 30 years later, in the present, he says he decided to follow up on that passion with the help of his daughter, and worked on creating a hands-on pixel art toy.

Yannie, CK’s daughter, said that she found the idea of coming up with personalized, DIY decals as great, as she thought that most decals were simply two-dimensional and not as enjoyable.

The father-daughter duo then worked to combine their ideas and STiKidotz was the end result.

According to the duo’s Kickstarter page, they look at STiKidotz as a new way for family bonding without digital help. They say that products like the hugely popular Minecraft show that there is appeal in working on a pixel art world, and that their product is an attempt of bringing that away from the digital medium and into the personal space while connecting with others.