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Gold Coast Councillor Fires At Aussie Nude Cleaning Company

July 31, 2018

Bare All Cleaners is one of the many commercial cleaners in Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland, with a unique twist; the cleaners work completely nude. Expectedly, the service made headlines, and one councillor in Gold Coast has given her piece on the service.

During an interview on Gold FM,Councillor Dawn Crichlow slammed the Bare All Cleaning Service, which employs both men and women to carry out cleaning and other household services for customers either bare-arse nude or wearing minimal clothing. The councillor describes the business as ‘absolutely disgraceful’, saying that what it’s doing is wrong.

Chrichlow has made similar criticisms towards the company during another interview, this one with the Gold Coast Bulletin, calling the legality of the company’s operations into question, after it was revealed that clients could pay $90/hour for a bikini-clad cleaner or AU$149 for a nude cleaner. Chrichlow has openly wondered if the service is legal and if the police are aware of the fact, adding that these people are potentially ruining their lives working as naked cleaners and that they need to get real jobs.

The company’s  founder, Brett Jones, who founded Bare All Cleaning Service in Queensland, fired back at Crichlow’s criticisms, saying that the comments were completely out of line and that she had no idea what the business was really about.

He says that the fact that cleaners get paid a lot more to wear a lot less is what sets Bare All Cleaning Service apart from the rest of the rest of the commercial cleaners in Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland; a unique gimmick, nothing more. He adds that it is wrong and hurtful to pigeonhole the business by mentioning it alongside brothels and massage parlours.

He explains that the staff simply carried out common household duties in what he described as a ‘cheeky and fun environment’, and that the business had  a strict code of conduct, which includes a no-touching rule. The company’s official site says that their cleaners are strictly professionals, and they understand how people react to the nudity. However, the site adds, customers should also respect cleaners and their personal space, and that Bare All Cleaning does not represent or provide sexual services and their service should not be treated or considered a sexual experience.