Highlighting Gastronomy Tourism In Thailand

November 18, 2017

When you just want to relax and forget about everything that causes you stress, the best option is Sathorn Hotel that is located in a quiet and peaceful setting. This may be somewhat surprising because the internationally acclaimed shopping district is within walking distance. Many of Bangkok’s finest hotels can be found in the Sathorn area including world class dining options.

According to Tourism and Sports Minister KobkarnWattanavrangkul the highlights of the new tourism campaign are gastronomy tourism and local food. One third of tourist expenditures go to gastronomy. A large portion of the budget goes to food because restaurants in Thailand offer a wide range of choices from local to international cuisine.

The national tourism marketing campaign called Amazing Thailand Tourism Year 2018 will be launched this month and will focus on local experiences involving gastronomy and food. This year, Bangkok was awarded by CNN with a top rating for the best street food all over the world. This is the second straight year that Bangkok won the award.

Last year, the total income of Thailand that was generatedfrom gastronomy tourism was 329 billion Baht or 20% of the total tourism income of Thailand. The highest tourism income was generated from accommodations (29%) with shopping and souvenirs as a close second (24%). The top 5 markets for gastronomy tourism include China, Russia, Britain, Malaysia and the United States.

Last year, Chinese tourists spent 83.3 billion Baht on food, a 19% increase from 2015. In 2016, Russians contributed 20.8 billion Baht to food tourism up by 32% from the previous year. British spending on food amounted to 18.4 billion Baht, a 10% increase. Malaysian visitors spent 16.1 billion Baht, up by 7% while American tourists spent 13.9 billion Baht, an 18% increase.

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