History And Basic Rules Of AFL

February 7, 2019

Understanding the most popular sport of Australia, is no easy task. It is a unique game with a number of rules for the players. It is hard to follow the game, unless you are well versed with its rules, facts, scoring pattern etc.

Here are easy guidelines to help you understand the basics of the game. Go through these guidelines, buy your favourite teams’ jerseys and other merchandise at an AFL footy store in your neighbourhood or AFL online store and get ready to enjoy the next season of the game with your Aussies friends.

History of the game

The AFL was initialled called as the Victorian football association. It was designed as a method to keep the cricketers fit during winters. The game was conceptualized in 1858 and VFA came into existence in 1877. The VFA was renamed as the Australian Football League in the year 1990. The AFL is the most popular sport in Australia and attracts the most number of spectators in the country.

About the match

  1. The matches are played on the weekends. Each game is divided into four 20 minutes quarters with a 20 minute break at the half time. The team with highest points at the final siren wins the match.
  2. The game is played in a grassy oval with goal posts on each end. The measurements of the ground can be 135 to 185 metres length and 110 to 155 metres width. Players compete to get possession of the ball and put it through the goal post. Each goal is awarded 6 points.
  3. The AFL has eighteen teams from Victoria, Queensland, Southern Australia, Western Australia and New South Wales.
  4. There are 16 stadiums across the country which are suitable for playing AFL games. The largest AFL ground is in Melbourne. The Melbourne stadium hosts the Grand finals of the AFL.
  5. The AFL season starts with a NAB challenge, which is followed up by 23 Home and away matches, which happen through the winter. The top 8 teams in the leader board play the final rounds. The top two teams reach the Grand final which is played at the Melbourne stadium.

Now that you have enough knowledge of the game, get ready for the upcoming season of AFL. Shop for merchandise at the AFL footy store and book your tickets for the match.