Home Trends From Pinterest For The Year 2019

February 10, 2019

If you are looking for inspirations for your future home projects, the internet is the best place to hunt because of the endless resources. In fact, one of the best sites to look into is Pinterest. It is like a minefield of ideas such as DIY projects and bathroom tiles that will surely make your house a trendy nest.

Pinterest has over 250 million users from different parts of the globe. The site is a platform where they can share ideas through pinning images. It can be theirs or something interesting they found online. For home trends this year, Pinterest has these to offer.

Based on keyword searches in Pinterest, “textile art” searches has increased by 1,718 per cent as more and more people are looking for ways to spice up their interiors. Blank walls are a great starting point to create a masterpiece inside the room. It can be transformed into a feature wall, a centrepiece, statement canvas or it can even be covered with fabric. Growth in textiles has been evident to those who are working in the industry.

“Contemporary fireplaces” is another keyword that is racking up in popularity in Pinterest. In fact, it has 1,718 per cent more searches. Fireplaces are considered to be the focal part of the house because of its practical function but recently homeowners are paying more attention to its aesthetics. Expert said 80 per cent of the fireplaces nowadays are mainly installed for feature instead of being used as a heating device.

“Vertical gardens” are gaining momentum as 287 per cent more users are searching the keyword on the Pinterest website. This means that many homeowners are trying their green thumb by having their own living walls.

Search for the keywords “painted floor tiles” have also increased by 1,276 per cent. People got tired of the traditional bathroom tiles or floor tiles as they are looking into more unique ideas. This is where painting floor tiles come in especially for those who are fond of doing DIY projects. The availability of DIY products which can be used contributed to this increase.