How A 5 Star Boutique Hotel In Karon Helps You Enjoy Karon Beach

June 26, 2018

Karon is a popular beach in Phuket and one of the longest in the area. It has a long stretch of white sand with decent options for dining and nightlife. The beach resort seems to draw travellers to the island and it’s known for its squishy sound as you walk on the sand. If you really like to come here, you’ll want to stay in a 5 star boutique hotel in Karon for a marvellous accommodation.

Where to Stay in Karon

Karon is home to a number of boutique hotels and guesthouses. Whichever suit the price for you, you’ll definitely want an accommodation that is soothing and relaxing. It really isn’t a problem to find an accommodation here as anything can fit your budget. You can check-in a 5 star boutique hotel in Karon where you can have a breathtaking view of the sea. You can also visit nearby restaurants and shops in the area.

What to Do in Karon Beach

Apart from enjoying the amazing beach, there is always something to do in Karon Beach. At SoiPatak, you’ll see a temple that showcase the religion and culture of this island. There’s also the Karon Temple Market which is open every Tuesday and Friday. Here you get to enjoy games and the local food like the giant water bugs. Enjoy some drinks at the beach club and end the day with a spa treatment. You can also enjoy the mini golf with your whole family.

Where to Eat in Karon

If you want the best meals in Karon, check out restaurants near the stadium and also to get the best views of the island. For seafood, you can try those offered at the street stalls fronting the stadium or those by the lake. The food is really cheap and exotic. There are also international restaurants to try which are prepared by world-renowned chefs. Just choose your options to enjoy great foods in this beach.

Karon Nightlife

Karon Beach has also some nightlife which you can have fun. At the local pubs, you can enjoy drinking beer and have a nice chat with new friends. The place is lively with beautiful girls to entertain you. Then you can head to a 5 star boutique hotel in Karon to rest and sleep for the night.