How A Business Service Provider In Bangkok Can Help You Start A New Thai Business

October 10, 2018

If planning to start your own Thai company in Bangkok and is having trouble with the registration process, you don’t have to worry. You can work with a business service provider in Bangkok that can give you the right solution for your business needs. They are manned with licenced lawyers and consultants that have assisted various foreigners in setting up their own business in Bangkok. They have helped them initiate the new company, get a visa and work permit, and other business needs one may have.

The Thai government has simplified how business can operate and how it can be registered, which will surely help many foreigners. Thailand is found strategically in southeast Asia with abundance of inexpensive labour and proficient professionals along with great lifestyle that can make the country their new home. Bangkok is where many travellers come to visit, and aside from touring, you’ll also want to live and run a business here.

How to Start a New Business

When starting a business in Thailand, seek a business service provider in Bangkok to assist you with your business needs. For those who don’t know the laws of Thailand, it can be really difficult to setup a business. However, with the help of proficient lawyers, the registration process is easy. The representatives can speak both English and Thai and they can help you through the registration process.

You will note that all documents submitted to the designated government agency are written in Thai. If you have worked with a business service provider in Bangkok, they can enlighten you with the ins and outs of installing a business here. They can help you choose the options, so you don’t violate the conditions of the Foreign Business Act, which poses restrictions and ownership for foreigners.

How to Set Up a Thai Company?

If you want to register your company with the Thai government, it can be a lot easier and may only take a day for the registration. You must have a minimum of three shareholders and if the majority shares are owned by a foreigner, then the company needs to secure a Foreign Business Licence. However, if the majority shares are owned by a Thai national, then the licence isn’t needed. This is one reason why foreigners like to partner with Thai nationals.