How Heat works: The Boiler People Can Improve Boiler Efficiency

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How Heat works: The Boiler People Can Improve Boiler Efficiency

The efficiency of your boiler can be affected and related to several things – the age of your boiler, its size and the control it utilizes. The Heat works: the boiler people can assist you to improve your boiler’s efficiency by helping you realize these typical hazards:

  • You have an oversized boiler

An oversized boiler can be both costlier and inefficient than a properly sized boiler. They waste so much fuel and can have the system’s lifespan shortened. Choosing an optimally sized boiler will function properly into your building and save fuel; hence, you have an improved efficiency.

  • Regular cleaning of your boiler

As with any appliance or device, you need to regularly clean your boiler to make it work properly and efficiently. If the combustion chamber is dirty, it will affect its ability to transfer heat and have fans and blowers build up dirt; thus minimizing efficiency. Choosing Heatworks: the boiler people will professionally maintain your boilers to keep minor problems controllable and improve efficiency.

  • Having an old boiler

A typical boiler will have a lifespan of around 20-30 years. Once you get past these years, you need to check thoroughly and carefully your boiler if efficiency hasn’t been affected by age. Leaks, rust and old burners can dramatically minimize its efficiency and you need to determine if replacements or repairs are necessary.

  • Opting for variable frequency drives

You need to automatically control your commercial boiler. The variable frequency drive can help operate the boiler fans to lower speeds when necessary, thus saving energy. Contact Heatworks: the boiler people if you need a new boiler or assistance to control one.

  • Having insufficient insulation in the boiler

Boilers must be properly insulated to avoid leaks, which dramatically minimizes its efficiency. This should also reduce heat loss and have heating costs lowered. If boiler insulation is too old, consider a replacement to ensure efficiency.

The Heatworks: the boiler people specialize in professionally maintaining and repairing boilers. They can also provide you brand new boilers in case you need replacements. They help you save money by having your heating system work efficiently.