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How International Schools Have Changed

November 4, 2017

Change is the only permanent thing in this world and the same can be said of international schools. These institutions such as the Bangkok international school are found in the suburbs of the big metropolitan cities all over the globe.

Many years ago, these schools use printed brochures for their primary means of advertisements but now they have websites that are filled with high quality images of students from different cultures and races that are learning together. The photos we see on these websites nowadays are the best representation of what is an international school means to the present world. The demographic is changing for these institutions.

For the past two decades, there has been a considerable increase in the number of international schools in the country and all over the world. According to analysts, the number will be twice as much in the next decade. When looking at a theoretical perspective, parents will have more options when it comes to schools based on the facilities provided, the cost and the location.

The reality is different because parents have to be more careful when it comes to choosing among international schools because not all of them have the same definition of in international learning. This is why parents have to be proactive when it comes to learning more about the school and the type of education system the children are entering.

There are many factors that attribute to the growing number of international schools but the two major ones is the fact that more and more people are falling into the middle class category and they are able to afford a Westernize education for their children and second is that countries have been more accepting of international schools.

International schools used to be a venue for children of diplomats and foreign expatriates but now it has tapped a new market – the locals who can afford the costs of education they offer and those who want their kids to be excellent in speaking the global language.

More and more locals are patronizing these institutions like Bangkok international school that it has been revealed that 90 per cent of their students are locals. The growing issue now is that the number of students that are native English speakers are starting to decrease which can affect the main purpose of why an international school was established in the first place.