How Substance Abuse Affects The Workforce Of America

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How Substance Abuse Affects The Workforce Of America

Substance abuse has become a very serious concern for the whole world. With the rising costs of drug addiction, it is important for governments to create rehabilitation centers for the recovery of patients suffering from substance abuse. An option for families of drug dependents is luxury rehab facility that does not rely on conventional methods of treatment that include medication and prescription drugs.

Society is paying the price for the drug problems of America. Employers are also seriously affected in terms of finding quality workforce that does not have histories of substance abuse. EHS Today reports that data from National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Inc. (NCADD) states that employer costs from substance abuse reached $81 billion last year. Experts believe that the numbers will further increase because of the growing popularity of heroin and prescription painkillers.

Manufacturers all over America are frustrated with the growing number of drug dependents because of productivity and safety issues. The American workforce is already staggering from the lack of skilled workers to fill the voids in production, the growing number of aging workers and the record low unemployment rates.

At least ¼ of job applicants fail to pass drug tests making them ineligible for employment According to Columbiana Boiler that manufactures galvanized containers, most of the job applicants have the necessary skills for the jobs like welding and forklift operation but they cannot think clearly because of the marijuana or opioids flowing in their bloodstream. When they lack the ability to think, they put their co-workers in danger of injuries or death.

Cases of absenteeism are also increasing which affects the productivity of the company. Employers cannot risk having workers who are dependent on drugs because it will affect the quality of their products. Drug addiction is also prevalent in potential investment locations.

The ill effects of drugs have a very profound effect in the market because businesses lose their competitiveness. A good solution is rehabilitation centers like luxury rehab facility that make use of a holistic approach for treatment. People are treated with respect so that they can cleanse their body and mind from the negative effects of drugs.