Security Service Tips

How To Avoid Becoming A Scam Victim

February 17, 2019

We use the internet everyday and everyday there are cases of users who have fallen victim to scammers. For instance, purchasing a novelty ID online should be done properly or else you can also be a victim of scammers who will just receive your money without sending an ID in return. The rule of thumb when it comes to online fraud is that when an offer is too good to be true, it is highly likely a product of a scam. Another thing to keep in mind is not make sudden decisions involving money when you are afraid or feeling greedy.

If you don’t know the person or company you are dealing with online, it is not recommended to send payments or to divulge any personal information. It is best to pay using only secured payment options for your protection such as using a credit card. It is not advisable to pay using cash, prepaid gift cards or even to wire money.

Any call coming from someone you don’t know should be considered suspicious especially if the other party is asking for money. It does not matter if the caller is posing to be someone from a government agency or a law enforcement employee.

Do not make transactions wherein upfront fees are required. It is also not wise to give out private information even if the other party promises a large payoff as the end result of an investment or a cash prize for a certain online competition.

If you receive an email from someone or a company you don’t know, do not click on the attached links. Exercise caution every time unless you know the sender or trusts the link provided.

Having a caller ID at home does not guarantee anything these days. These devices are not fool proof therefore these can be tampered with.

Make sure that if you are ordering an item online such as novelty ID, that you verify the company or the business before making any payments. This is to avoid getting scammed of your hard-earned money and to avoid fraudulent transactions that could cause trouble on your end.