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How To Choose A Motorcycle Jacket That Will Make You Look Stylish

June 14, 2019

Majority of motorcycle riders want to look good while riding the bike. When they go to the motorcycle dealership, they make the effort to check out whether there is motorbike clothing sale so that they can get the latest styles of helmets, jackets, gloves, jeans and boots.

Choosing a motorcycle jacket is more often a compromise between style and the level of protection that it can provide. Other factors that are often considered include material, quality and technical features. Some jackets really look great but they are no help when the rider is caught in a sudden shower. Some jackets are not so great when it comes to style and looks but they will ensure that the rider is warm and dry for miles.

Most quality jackets have armour that will protect the rider when the motorcycle tumbles. Backarmouris inserted to protect the spine and the coccyx. However, it is sometimes difficult to find these kinds of jackets that is why most riders end up buying different jackets for all seasons.

A leather jacket is a staple for motorbike riders but the question is whether to choose kangaroo or cowhide. Kangaroo is lighter with the same abrasion resistance as cowhide. Cowhide is not always waterproof but it offers the best protection.

Meanwhile, textile jackets are good for any riding occasion. However, they do not look as stylish as the leather counterparts. When the rider slides on the ground, the textile jacket will not provide protection. By sacrificing abrasion resistance, a rider can gain more waterproofing, more pockets and the flexibility of adding or removing thermal lining.

Another option is the airbag jacket that offers better protection than leather jackets. However, it is more expensive, slightly heavier and requires servicing when you want to set the airbag off. It can be high maintenance but there is nothing better for MotoGP races.

Different brands of jackets are available from motorbike clothing sale whether for adventure or street riding. There are jackets which are perfect for the cooler months with waterproofing and armour. On the other hand, there are jackets you can wear during the height of summer that allows the perspiration to escape.