How To Choose The Best Rooftop Bar In Saigon

October 7, 2018

Once you visit a new city, the first thing you must do is to find a good vantage point – a place high up there with spectacular views, and where you can have a visual grip to the new surroundings. The next step to do is to celebrate – being in a rooftop bar in Saigon, there has to be cocktails. This should be your primary visit when visiting a new place, as you can afford the luxury of being here.

Saigon is now in the heart of Vietnam’s profitable boost, with new skyscrapers and luxury hotels setting up each year. On the uppermost storeys of these buildings are voguish rooftop bars which you can enjoy a magnificent view of the city. Though the rooftop bar in Saigon caters to the wealthy foreigners and nouveau-riche, the prices of drinks remain low, which makes any traveller afford the cocktails.

A really great rooftop cocktail demands blending of specific factors. One bar may have a magnificent city view but with weak and watery cocktails; another might offer strong drinks and a long happy hour; but with simple interior décor. So here are criteria of having a great rooftop bar in Saigon:

View: At street level, you’ll find Saigon polluted and chaotic. But if you’re to view it from rooftop bars, you can make the entire city look neat and clean. Ensure that you sweep the Saigon River wandering towards the South China Sea. If you really want a good view, make no other faults the bar may have.

Happy Hour: Let the Happy Hour conditions determine the value of your customer’s money. They may be spending around $5 to $10 per drink, but if you give them buy one and get one free, it should make a great deal.

Cocktails: Check your glass if there is more ice than alcohol? You need to consider quality, quantity and strength of the cocktail, which can vary from every bar.

Ambiance: You need to put the right service, music, décor and other elements to have a great ambiance and atmosphere of a rooftop bar. It means a lot to someone when a bar he has considered has everything from the smallest details of interior design to the presentation of drinks. One must ensure that the rooftop bar in Saigon passes Vietnamese standards, which is exclusive and expensive.