How To Clean An Italian Meat Slicer

May 11, 2019

Cleaning is part of caring and maintaining the usefulness of a thing. It will also prevent damage and other problems that would cost extra money for repairs. Being a responsible owner, we must be good stewards of everything we have.

Home or commercial Italian meat slicer is useful for slicing meat, cheese, and other products quickly, but can also store bacteria and cause possible food poisoning if left uncleaned every after use. It can also cause injury on the hands if they are improperly handled or cleaned.

While cleaning the Italian meat slicer, make sure you wear hand gloves that are cut-resistant to protect your hands from injuries. You must also follow special instructions on the manual from the manufacturer.

Here are the basic steps in cleaning a meat slicer:

  1. Disconnect the power

For safety purposes, make sure you disconnect the machine from the source of power and place the setting of the blade to zero.

  1. Prepare the sanitizing solution

You can make your own sanitizing solution in cleaning the Italian meat slicer to save on cost. A sanitizing solution can be a mixture of water and bleach. Use a soft cloth and immerse it into the cleaning solution. Squeeze it to take off the excess cleaning solution.

  1. Remove the particles

Wear your cut-resistant hand gloves and start removing the clutter on the countertop where you worked. Remove the blades from the machine.

  1. Clean the slicer

Use hot water to fill the sink. Add detergent to the hot water and create bubbles. Refer to the manual for the instructions in cleaning the meat slicer. Thoroughly and completely clean all parts of the meat slicer.

  1. Sanitize the meat slicer

Apply the sanitizing solution to the meat slicer and let it dry by itself. Carefully apply cooking oil with a thin coating to the blades.

  1. Reassemble the slicer

After drying the machine, put back all the parts of the slicer to be ready for the next use.

Cleaning your meat slicer should be done on a regular basis to maintain it. Never leave the slicer unclean to avoid damage protect you from harm.