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How To Deal With Uncomfortable Sweat Stains

September 4, 2019

For many people, their daily challenge is dealing with uncomfortable sweat stains. One of the most obvious solutions for a woman is to wear loose flowing dresses that are comfortable and cool; however, they are not suitable for work. A good option is to wear women’s undershirt under the business-formal or business clothes to avoid the embarrassing and annoying sweat stains.  

Traditional white undershirts can mitigate the appearance of sweat stains but if you are one of those who sweat excessively, the traditional white shirt will be soaked by lunchtime. Figuring out what to wear during an extremely hot weather can be complicated. You certainly want to look professional and stylish at work but there are certain outfits that do not vibe with the weather.

What is appropriate inside the office may not be the best for the outdoors. If you are driving to the office, the heat won’t be an issue because you have the car air conditioning. If you take the public transportation to work, perspiration will be very visible on the shirt for everyone to see. The underarm marks can be very embarrassing.

There are performance dress shirts that will reduce the likelihood of sweat stains while keeping the body cooler but once summer starts, sweat will remain to be a consistent problem. Another option is undershirts that have thick pads sewn on the armpit area to prevent sweat from reaching the regular clothing. The brand claims that pads are made from Hydro Shield technology that converts sweat to vapor to prevent moisture.

The pads are quite heavy but you will get used to them fairly quickly. They feel like you have diapers nuzzling on the underarms but they are comfortable. The undershirts; however, will not make you feel cooler because they only absorb sweat so that there will be no evidence of perspiration.

If you are someone who has to deal with excessive sweating, there are women’s undershirts made from super soft and breathable fabric to keep you feeling pleasantly cool and dry throughout the day. There is a nude shade for every skin tone so that the undershirt will not be noticed under most outfits.