How To Obtain Ohio Tax ID Number?

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How To Obtain Ohio Tax ID Number?

It’s so easy to start a small business in Ohio. The state has founded the Ohio Business Gateway for this purpose. It should contain all the relevant information you need online. It will link to appropriate forms and details to start your own small or medium-sized business. For the Ohio Tax ID number, you are required a federal employer ID number or EIN. This should help you file business taxes and open accounts in the state.

You need to have all possible documents such as your personal information including your SS number, as well as your business details. There should be a name, location, business type and your organizational structure.

EIN can be applied online. You just have to visit the IRS website. On the business section, there’s a link for employer ID number or EIN, which you need to click.

Finish the online application by inputting your personal and business details. This is preferred option as you acquire your EIN instantly.

If you are unable to complete the online application, you must download the IRS Form SS-4. Accomplish the form completely and have it sent to the IRS through mail or fax.

If you intend to fax the document, you can contact (859) 669-5760. EIN numbers sent by fax will be issued within four working days.

If you intend to send your application by mail, the address is: IRS, Attention: EIN Department, Cincinnati, Ohio 45999. EIN requested by mail will be issued in a span of four weeks or a month.

Information to Consider Before Applying

You may need to consider a few things before applying for your Ohio Tax ID (EIN) you may want to consider a few things. When filling up the application form, you need to:

  • Check what which structure of your organization or business you will operate
  • Verify the organization or individual that will act as the accountable party
  • Check the actual address of the entity/business to use – You need to own a physical address for all Tax ID (EIN)’s and specify a disparate mailing address

The Ohio Tax ID number is important to operate a business in this state. It is the initial step towards making a business known and prospered especially if tax remittances are diligently paid.