How To Prevent Pipes From Freezing During A Winter Power Outage

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How To Prevent Pipes From Freezing During A Winter Power Outage

In Detroit, summers are warm but during winter the temperature can reach freezing points. During winter, Detroit also suffers from gale force winds that eventually results into days-long power outage. Mother Nature decides to complicate things a little further with freezing temperatures. Homeowners fear that their pipes will freeze and emergency plumbers are overwhelmed with calls for assistance.

Last March, more than half a million homes and businesses in Metro Detroit experienced power outage. Weather forecasters gave a warning that temperatures are expected to stay near or below the freezing point throughout the weekend. Being without power is challenging enough for most households and with the cold weather;they fear that their pipes will freeze. The anxiety is increased when homeowners cannot connect to emergency plumbing providers.

There are some simple solutions to avoid the worst case scenario of burst pipes. When there is a power outage, the heating system may not work. You should open all the cabinets that house the pipes particularly those along the outside walls of the home. Leave the cabinet doors open so that warm air throughout the house will flow into the bottom of the cabinet.

If the pipes freeze, it is still okay but not when they burst. The homeowner has a very big problem if the pipe splits and the water thaws. The end result will be a flooded home. Emergency plumbers suggest easy solutions to thaw the frozen pipes before they burst. You can apply heat by wrapping a warm rug around the pipe. Hair dryers can also be used while waiting for emergency plumbing assistance.

During the power outage, one of the first things you should do is to unplug all appliances and electronics. Wait until the power comes back before you plug them on because power surge can be damaging to your appliances and electronics.

Do not wait for an emergency before you call the plumber. Be proactive and call P4U Emergency Plumbers for a long term solution to prevent your pipes from freezing during winter. The plumbers will go the extramile to deliver the best service to customers particularly during emergency situations within and around Welling.