Pest Control Service Tips

How To Prevent Rodents From Endangering Your Health

November 11, 2019

If you find rodent droppings under the sink or signs of chewing on food packaging, will you call the exterminator now or will you wait until you see rodents running inside the home? It is better to be proactive by calling pest control services now instead of waiting for the rodent population to grow.

Every winter, at least 21 million homes are invaded by rodents. Twice the number can be found in bathrooms. Rodents were revealed to be America’s biggest pest concern that is related to health and home issues. The National Pest Management Association is sharing the results of a recent online research study by Advanced Symbolics Inc. so that homeowners will know the dangers of rodents and how they can be prevented.

According to Cindy Mannes, vice president of NPMA, a common misconception is pest pressure is lower during colder months. Since rodents are survivors, a record number moves indoors to search for food and warmth. Rodents are carriers of dangerous diseases and they also cause significant damage to homes. By identifying the species of rodents entering the home, homeowners will be better equipped to undertake prevention measures.

The house mice that are typically found in American homes are dusty gray in color with cream-colored bellies. They nest in dark, secluded areas inside structures.  House mice can cause significant damage to a home by chewing through materials like electric wires. They can contaminate stored food and spread diseases.

The deer mouse is brown with a white underbelly and can be found all over the US. They prefer to stay in rural areas particularly in fence posts, tree hollows and log piles. Deer mice can pose significant threat to families because they can carry blacklegged ticks into homes. The deer mouse is a common carrier of Hantavirus that can be transmitted through the inhalation of dust particles that have been contaminated by the mouse’s urine, feces or saliva.

Do not wait for a rodent infestation, call the exterminator now to inspect and treat the problem. All pest control services are tailored to a homeowner’s needs and circumstances. They will ensure that the property is pest-free by using industry standard techniques.