How To Rent Sukhumvit Serviced Apartments

March 5, 2019

Finally, you’re touring Bangkok and is pretty excited and ready. But somehow, you don’t know how to rent Sukhumvit serviced apartments, but have a specific budget for the accommodation. Here are helpful tips and suggestions if you want to live in the Sukhumvit area for some time.

Apartments in Sukhumvit

If you want to find an apartment in Sukhumvit, they’re usually a single room studio apartment with balcony and bathroom, but no kitchen.

You can find Sukhumvit serviced apartments with furnishings such as a bed, table and a closet to hang your clothes. You’ll be lucky if you can get a desk and chair. If you want more furnishings, it’s up to you to add more.

If you’re opting for one or two-bedroom apartments, they can come with kitchen and may be semi-furnished. No worries though as the serviced apartments are very clean and tidy and is manned with a security guard and secured key-card front doors.

Considering Sukhumvit for Apartments in Bangkok

Sukhumvit is Bangkok’s main central area where you can find the BTS station, businesses, restaurants, homes and more entertainment. Most local and expats choose to live close by for convenience. In here, you’ll find a variety of Sukhumvit serviced apartments that come in a wide range of prices. You’ll just have to choose something that fits your preference and budget. So, if you’re heading from the main street and the BTS station, you’ll still find good options of inexpensive apartments here.

How to Rent a Cheap Apartment in Sukhumvit

It’ll be easy to find cheap serviced apartments in Sukhumvit. You can use website search engines in Bangkok to find these places. The research is more convenient if you browse by price and area of town like Sukhumvit. If you don’t find the search useful, you can walk around Sukhumvit and visit some apartments that looks appropriate for your needs

The Sukhumvit serviced apartments have information offices, which are usually open between 9am till 5pm or even longer. If you’re really interested, they can show the room and give you its requirements for renting them. Just ensure you’re talking to an English-speaking staff or let a Thai friend translate to you what you need to know about the apartment.