Coronavirus Crime Humanity Tips

Humanity Matters Most During A Crisis

July 30, 2020

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Members of SAG-AFTRA have spoken about hate crimes and discrimination against Asian Americans. Instead of working together during the coronavirus crisis, a few misguided individuals are looking for a scapegoat. Hate crimes against Asian Americans include shunning, racial profiling, verbal harassment and sometimes physical assault. Everybody is stressed and afraid but it is not reason enough for discriminatory behavior.

People who experience hate crimes or criminal behavior or witness it must immediately report the incident to local enforcement agencies. The world must be free of discrimination and harassment because people are living at a time where humanity matters.

Everybody is worried about their health and safety, their loved ones and job prospects. It is indeed a scary time but fear must not turn to hate. People must not use the crisis to forget reason. Communities must come together to raise money, feed people and lift their spirits up.

Authorities have reported a surge in hate crimes with families being harassed and businesses vandalized. People are attacked while in public transportation and children are called hurtful names. The number of hate crimes are expected to increase until xenophobia is stopped.

SAG-AFTRA is listening to the brave Asian American voices with their stories of heart wrenching experiences of harassment. Organizations and allies are trying to bring attention to this crisis to shape a better world that is free from discrimination and harassment.

The crisis has revealed strengths among people. Ending discrimination is one of the strengths. People must take care of their neighbors with love and empathy.

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