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Iceberg Water Stolen From Storage Facility In Port Union

March 12, 2019

Whether you are innocent or guilty, facing charges for theft can be very distressing. There is no reason why you cannot defend yourself and avoid a criminal record by hiring a theft lawyer with extensive experience with the law. If you do not have a criminal conviction, you can achieve a fresh start in life.

Thirty thousand liters of valuable iceberg water were stolen from a storage facility in the coastal town of Port Union. According to the police who are investigating the theft in the Newfoundland community, the water that was pilfered by thieves was intended for the production of vodka.

Iceberg water is expensive because its purity. It is used in the production of premium spirits and cosmetic products. It is considered as a luxury bottled water with a case selling for several hundreds of dollars. RCMP, the federal police force of Canada has announced that the luxury water that was stolen has a street value between CAD$9,000 and $12,000 (£5,300 and £7,000).

Constable Andy Renwick told CBC News that the thieves probably used a tanker truck or a tractor trailer. Meanwhile, an employee of the iceberg water company said that there is a high possibility for the shipment to be contaminated during the travel making it practically worthless. Besides that, the employee is wondering what the thieves are going to do with the all the water.

The harvest process for icebergs is not only difficult; it is dangerous. The icebergs from the Greenland ice shelf can roll over without any warning. However, the water that is formed on the icebergs is considered as the cleanest on the planet and impermeable to salt water. It becomes expensive because of the high labor costs in getting the water. Once the iceberg water is bottled, it is sold to China, Korea and Saudi Arabia.

The amount of iceberg water that was stolen is quite small compared to the millions of dollars lost due to money laundering. With a theft lawyer to defend you in court, it will be quite easy to resolve the legal issue without making an admission and avoid a criminal record.