IKEA Australia Responds To Customer Demand For Online

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IKEA Australia Responds To Customer Demand For Online

IKEA Australia has decided to respond to the overwhelming demands of its customers in Canberra, who have all been enjoying the click and collect service implemented by the company sometime around late December or early January, by implementing a collect service for their customers that allows them to collect their purchases from the Canberra store, on the day they purchased it online.

IKEA Australia’s Multichannel Manager, Michael Donath, spoke for the company, stating that IKEA is excited to implement and offer for their Canberra customers their new same day click and collect services. He hopes that customers will also be excited about the new service, which improves upon the click and collect service, which made purchasing furniture and bar stools online so much more convenient, and was experiencing notable popularity with the company’s Australian customers.

He adds that customers have clamoured for this improvement to the click and collect service, which they have been using with greater frequency since its launch. Donath states that IKEA knows that customers want their experience to be as convenient as possible, and this new improvement to an already convenient service is IKEA’s way of helping make sure that happens.

The click and collect was launched by IKEA Australia for the country five months ago, but the Queensland area did not have this convenience until earlier this month. Nevertheless, the service is quite popular in the country, with news outlets, like the Sydney Morning Herald, stating that the click and collect service is allowing Australian online retailers outdo foreign competition, a first in many years.

The Australian market’s great demand for e-commerce services, which have made buying things like bar stools online so convenient, have garnered the attention of one of the big names of e-commerce, Amazon, which has recently announced its intentions to enter the Australian market. Amazon’s ‘Prime’ service functions similarly to IKEA’s click and collect, with the noted difference that it offers delivery within one hour.

Donath has expressed his belief that IKEA can meet their customers’ demands for e-commerce services, seeing it as part of the company’s aims to offer as many solutions for their customers.