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Important Aspects To Know About Bird’s Eye View Maps

September 2, 2019

Bird’s eye view is a view of a place or an object from above. As the name suggests it depicts how an object or a place appears from above. Bird’s eye view is generally used to make cityscapes, floor plans and maps.

Bird’s eye view can be a photograph or a drawing of an object or a place. In ancient days, bird’s eye view map was drawn by observing the location from a high point such as a mountain or a tower. Technological developments have made capturing bird’s eye view images and maps easier. These images are captured at 40 degree angle and provides the viewer an opportunity to observe a place from above.

Bird’s eye view maps depict a given territory in an artistic manner. 2D and 3D bird’s eye view maps provide clear illustrations of people, buildings, roads and other prominent features of an area. These maps are drawn by specialized illustrators and cartographers. Pictorial or bird’s eye view maps can be used to portray diverse topics ranging from an entire continent to specific areas in a city or college campuses.

Bird’s eye view maps are not drawn to scale but they are used to show an aerial view of a place at oblique angle. These maps are created to depict different scales into one in order to provide a familiar recognition to the viewers. Aerial maps are used to enhance the landmarks of a region, with emphasis on form and function. When done properly, these maps provide an excellent landscape graphics that are informative and attractive.

The digital revolution has influenced the manner, in which aerial maps are researched and drawn. However, even now the quality of a bird’s eye view map depends on the skill of the cartographer. A good map requires high skill, long hours of labor, aesthetic thinking and good editing.

A good bird’s eye view map should possess three important characteristics. It should provide a realistic view of the location from human point of view, it should include all the important and relevant information about the place and it should be creative and attractive. An experienced cartographer can use his creativity and skill to create informative and attractive aerial view maps.