Improvements In Budget Hotels To Attract Corporate Business Travellers

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Improvements In Budget Hotels To Attract Corporate Business Travellers

For a business traveller who has experienced different types of accommodations, budget hotels are synonymous to lifeless décor, thin walls that cannot muffle the noise next door and the sounds of vehicles beyond the window. However, cheap hotels are making improvements so as not to miss the opportunity in luring the corporate crowd.

Britain’s budget hotels are undergoing makeover to win the favour of business travellers. While 24-hour room service and extra towels are not yet part of the amenities, custom-made king-sized beds and power showers are becoming quite common. According to analysts, investment in better amenities came at a very importunate time when corporate travel budgets are being reduced. Business travellers who were accustomed to luxurious and high end hotels will not encounter a gulf in quality when they try the accommodations in cheaper hotels.

According to Hugo Canelas of Boston Consulting Group, over the past years, corporations have made reductions on travel spend. They have also become stricter in the implementation of travel policies. Now they are benefiting from the existence of mid-scale and budget hotels where direct bookings do not cost a fortune.

Aside from the budget phenomenon that has transformed the traditional business attitude towards cheap travel accommodations; low cost airlines are also vying to gain a share of the business traveller’s market by adopting the policies associated with British Airways. Aside from the option of being able to book a specific seat, airlines have also created the standard class business package.

Two of the United Kingdom’s largest budget hotel chains, Premier Inn and Travelodge have business accounts with many small firms. Aside from the business travellers, these hotels also earn from the leisure crowd. Hotel room standards at the lower end of the hotel industry have generally improved although they do not find any feasible reason for 24-hour room service and daily towel changes.

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