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India-Based Hotel Enters Co-Working Business

July 18, 2019

Be it the Novotel in Yangon Max or whatever hotel it is, one of the indicators that their business is doing well in the public is its ability to expand. From its home city, it could build new branches in nearby towns, in nearby regions, and even in places beyond the parameters of its home country. Furthermore, it is undeniable that one of the key factors which could help a hotel bloom is its establishment of various connections with related companies.

Network of Connections

With all these on hand, if one is to think of any successful hotel chains in all of India, there is a high probability that the Oyo budget hotels will surely come into mind. For the past few years, this India-based hotel chain has already expanded to at least eighty countries. In addition, it was also able to raise roughly a billion dollars from partnering with several big names in the industry including Airbnb. And now just recently, Oyo has now decided to venture on co-working businesses.

Serving at least ten cities across India, the Oyo workspaces now cater to as many as fifteen thousand people and around six thousand employees from various firms including Lenskart, Pepsi, Swiggy, Nyka, and OLX have already posed interest into the said business.

Great Deals for Three In-House Brands

Before the year ends, the Oyo Workspaces aim to have fifty centers making them the biggest co-working business in the continent by the end of 2020. Rohit Kapoor, the CEO of New Real Estate Businesses also confided at a press conference that Oyo has acquired Innov8 for about thirty million dollars. For the record, Innov8 is one of the in-house brands encompassed by the Oyo Workspaces where Workflo and Power station are also part of. The said co-working spaces could be readily accessible by users for just one hundred two dollars every month. The New Real Estate Business CEO Kapoor firmly believes that the workspaces could become market leaders in no time.

Therefore, if you are looking for quality hotels with a range of amenities for a reasonable price, then undoubtedly the Novotel in Yangon Max and the Oyo Budget Hotels could certainly provide you with the best deals.