Infrastructure Planning Should Factor In Freight

May 7, 2019

In a recent report made by the National Infrastructure Commission in UK, they indicated the need for the government and industry to take into consideration freight when it comes to planning long-term goal for transport sector. This recommendation was accepted warmly by transportation equipment specialist and logistics stakeholders.

According to Tim Morris, the CEO of Major Ports Group in United Kingdom, freight is the heart of the economy of the country. The problem is that the freight industry has been overlooked majority of the times by law makers. This can be blamed to the fact that despite being left out, the industry is thriving and showing more success than ever.

This is why the suggestion for them to consider freight into long-term planning is deemed vital and warmly welcomed. He added that they are looking forward to partnering with the Commission, the industry and the government to make sure that the suggestions are implemented and therefore evident in the end result.

The authors of the report said that they have seen the efficiency of the logistics system in United Kingdom. They even said that transporting goods through the network is fast, reliable and affordable. The only thing they wanted to highlight is the fact that the world is evolving thus the logistics industry must also be able to keep up especially in finding a solution to the environmental footprint they are contributing.

The report also states that for the industry to retain the success it is now holding, it must be able to adapt with modern technology. Carbon emissions should be given attention as it is already being addressed by various sectors of the economy and even the people’s daily lives not to mention the traffic congestion which is negatively impacting the overall economy. Freight is not the only responsible party that causes these problems but the industry must do everything in its power to become a part of the answer.

In order for them to achieve the desired end result, the government must create a clear objective for the transport equipment specialist and logistics companies to follow so that by 2050 they are already emission-free.