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International School Manila Class Of 2019 Longs To Fuel Up The Country’s Flame Of Hope

August 6, 2019

It would definitely be fulfilling for an international school in Bangkok, or even in any school to produce students who are not only proficient in academics, but also in humanistic endeavour. And this is exactly what the International School Manila has proven as its Class of 2019, which is composed of outstanding leaders and idealists, has promised to pay it forward and contribute to the advancement of the nation.

It is undeniable that the International School Manila has been a lovely home for students who have qualified for different Ivy League Schools in the United States. But despite this, their students remained anchored to their ultimate goal of alleviating the present condition of the country from where they came from.

High School Memories

As they meet once again, all of them could not seem to hide the joy, as each one of them recalled their high school memories together. They said that they are confident that they could utilize the skills and education that they have been equipped with in order to succor the Philippine society.               

The Roster of Alumni

Among the thirteen alumni were Luca Romualdez, Margarita Te, Sandro Gotuaco, Sofia Montinola, Jaime Chuidian, Georgia Limcaoco, Audrey Sy, Dani Poblador, Zachary Lopez, Andrea Lee, Sijbren Gallego Kramer,Nicole Westfall, Luis Villanueva. They graduated from Ivy League schools such as the Dartmouth College, Brown University, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University, Stanford University, Columbia University, and Yale University among others.

Quotes from Some of the Alumni

Given her profound knowledge in various social issues in the country, Te was determined in becoming a corporate lawyer and even dreams of being appointed as the Supreme Court justice in the Philippines someday. According to her, she would translate her passion into something that would bring true change to the country and contribute to the national development.

Georgia Limcaoco, on the other hand, wanted to become an accomplished author in order to publish books which could shape the mind of the Filipino people and encourage them to make changes as well.

Indeed, be it an international school in Bangkok or in the Philippines, having these kinds of students is something to be proud of.