Lego Planning To Sue Removal Business For Using Lego Men

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Lego Planning To Sue Removal Business For Using Lego Men

The case in the article may be a warning to Sydney furniture removalists who are planning to create a logo for their business. Lego has already sent their intention of suing to a removals business because of the logo that is printed on their moving vans.

The removal company in question is Kwix Stix and it is based in Brighton. According to the toymaker, the business can be liable for copyright infringement because of their logo design. They sent an order for the company to remove the printed logo in their vans within a period of 28 days.

The owner of the company, Danny Mawson, said that he paid £10,000 in order to get the painting job done and it could ruin his business. He clarified that people have already recognized them after seeing their logo for a long time and if they decide to change it then it could harm their business.

He added that Lego is a company worth multibillion of pounds and he believe that the act will not harm their company but it can be detrimental to his business.

Lego is a toymaker company with headquarters in Denmark and has a recorded yearly turnover of over two billion in US dollars. They have already sent a court threat letter to Danny.

According to Danny, his daughter was in love with Lego and this is where he got the concept in 2015. The logo depicts Lego men along with Lego blocks.

He also said that in he had spent a lot buying Lego for his kids and he thought that using the same idea for the company’s logo will make his kids happy. He pleaded that he has existing contracts with the city council along with other businesses in the area and he could lose it over this lawsuit.

He further explained that his company is only starting with three vans and they admitted that they are struggling after Brexit and the state of the economy nowadays.

Lego has already sent a letter for him to remove the logo on the vans, on their website and get new uniforms for his crew.

For all startup Sydney furniture removalists, it is important that the logo should be free from copyright infringement before publishing to avoid a heart-breaking story as this.