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Lionesses’ Boss Hoping For Positive Result After Team Building With Marines

June 12, 2019

Phil Neville, the boss of the Lionesses who is based in England, said he is hoping that the latest team building activities of the players together with the Royal Marines can help them prepare for the challenges they might have to face during the Women’s World Cup. The team building was organized in St. George’s Park starting on lunchtime until morning the next day. It was done in preparation for the Lionesses upcoming tournament to be held in France in less than two weeks.

The members of the team were not made aware of the team building exercise beforehand. They participated in a number of exercises following the military style, they built shelters made of tarpaulin where they slept that night, they cooked their own food using campfires and they had a chat with the members of the Marines – some have been to war which result to them being amputated – regarding their past experiences.

Neville said that he knows what the women will be going through as they tackle the challenge of the World Cup. There will be tears and mistakes and many will have second thoughts about joining or not joining. They will be away for a time so they will miss their respective families, they will feel emotional and homesick which could lead to many other things. This is why it is important for the players to know that they can trust everyone who is with them. They must realize before leaving that every player and staff will be there for them to help them out in case they need it.

They will have to be prepared since they only have each other to rely on for the next 40 days. The good thing about the team building exercise is that the women were able to talk with the soldiers and hear what they have been through. They learned how one lost his leg and how the other has no arms. After they were done with the team building activities, it puts to light how they should not complain about a simple blister when people like the Marines have almost lost their lives.