Locksmith Caused $3,000 Worth Damages

May 10, 2019

Deon Johnson went out to have some fun with his friend but his apartment was locked when he came home. This is a scenario very familiar to Brisbane Northside locksmiths when they need to answer service calls at the wee hours. On Johnson’s part, he said that the experience was quite frustration. He decided to contact the maintenance team of the building but he was told to find a locksmith instead because of the time of day.

As he has no immediate contact of the locksmiths in the area, he used his phone to search with the keywords “Dallas Locksmith”. From there he was able to find the dispatch number and was told to wait 20 minutes for the locksmith to arrive. He made the call on midnight but the locksmith only came around 4 AM.

The first method they tried is by using the airbag method but it was a failure as the door remains locked. After which, the locksmith went to get a flat head along with a crow bar which surprised Johnson because he is worried about the damage. When asked about it, the locksmith assured that there will be no damages.

The problem is that the method that was used actually caused damaged and the door this apartment complex costs almost $3,000 to be replaced. Johnson was the one who is required to pay for it.

He has already filed a complaint with the company of the locksmith because he is now being forced by the apartment management to pay or else they are going to use the rent and will be kicked out of the apartment soon.

The manager of the locksmith company said that they are willing to pay back the $108 he was charged during the service but there is no way that they are going to shoulder the cost of the door. The event now leads to another investigation regarding the matter. Turns out, the owner of the said locksmith company is already facing charges with the previous company he opened. This is a reminder to clients that they should have the contact of their trusted locksmith like the Brisbane Northside locksmiths in order to avoid creating trouble later on.