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Malibu Banning Rat Poison Due To Mountain Lion Casualties

February 20, 2020

The circle of life can be a delicate thing, something that more and more people are becoming aware and conscious of. Recently, Malibu, California recently got reminded of the fact when several mountain lions near the city were found dead with rat poison in their systems.

One particular exterminator, Wilmar Mejia, used to operate in the city limits like most other exterminator companies, with boxes full of rat poison. However, he recently gave up that methodology, and founded a new company, Tree of Life, which handles extermination jobs the old-fashioned way; with good awareness, security, and traps. Any mouse caught by the company is not killed; it’s captured, then later set free in the wilderness.

Any exterminator, like those from, will have to abide similar, pesticide- and poison-free methods, as the California city recently banned any and all anticoagulant rodenticides, the technical term for rat poison, within the city limits.

The Malibu City Council voted on the decision, passing the ban forward in spite of California’s state law forbidding cities from making such legislation. According to leaders in the city, they’re working to get approval via the Coastal Commission, which is California’s state agency that handles the maintenance and care of the state’s coastlines.

Malibu’s city leaders decided to move forward with the decision, in spite of some reluctance from the city’s attorney, who stated that exterminators and pest control companies might take legal action against the city.

During the December meeting on the vote, Malibu Councilman Mikke Pierson stated that, should this decision end up in a legal battle, they’ll go there, because they believe that rat poison is immoral.

The move, however, isn’t about the rats themselves, but about how the poison used on them can make its way up the food chain. In 2019, Santa Monica Mountains had 2 separate cases of mountain lions found dead with anti-coagulant rodenticide in their systems.

Mejia, aware of the extermination business, has no delusions about the backlash that the Malibu City Council’s decision will receive. He says that there’ll be a lot of unhappy people, but this needs to be done to help nature.