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Market Research Shows That The US’ Highest Paying Job Isn’t In The Tech Sector

November 5, 2019

Different industries pay differently. That’s recognized as common knowledge. Most people in the US assume, however, that the highest paying professions in the country is for those working in the tech industry. A research from Glassdoor, however, stated otherwise, with their data saying that the people in the US that get paid the most wear lab coats instead of office wear. That Easton dentist is among one of them.

Glassdoor’s released a list of the US’ highest-paying jobs for 2019, and the ones at the top of the list are those in the medical sector; with physicians at the top of the list, followed by pharmacy managers, and then dentists.

According to the job site’s data, physicians in the US enjoy a median base salary for their work of $193,000, which is a big step up from the second and third ranked jobs on the list, pharmacy manager, and dentist, respectively, where people urn an estimate of about $144,000, and $142,000, respectively. The amount that physicians earn is so high that it amounts to more than 3.5x the US’ national median pay, which sits at $52,950.

The top 25 list Glassdoor put together is skewed heavily to the tech industry, but healthcare not only amounts to half of the top 10 of the list, but also sits pretty at the top four spots. These professions, including pharmacist, physician’s assistant, and dentist, do, however, require master’s or doctorate degrees, on top of needing additional training and/or specialized programs as well as proper licensing to actually practice the profession.

Even more good news for many an Easton dentist and other healthcare professionals, as the US’s Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that the demand for jobs in the healthcare sector is expected to jump within the next decade, though most of the growth will be centered around low-wage and high-demand work, like caretaking.

Notably, the first tech-related job on Glassdoor’s list is enterprise architect, which is a more strategic role that’s centered around ensuring that IT and business goals are aligned with each other, sitting at #5 with a median pay of $122,000.

Glassdoor compiled their data by looking at user-submitted input, data from July 1, 2018, and June 30, 2019. Notably, the top 10 jobs on the list all pay more than $100,000.