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Miami Tops Of The List Of Termite Cities In The US

March 29, 2020

All states in the US are susceptible to termite infestation although it varies from slight to heavy. Specific areas are threatened by subterranean termites while the Pacific Coast and coastal regions on the southeast may experience drywood termites. Miami ranks first in the list of Top 50 Termite Cities. For termite extermination, you can call Ormond Beach FL pest control to deal with the problem.

Aside from Miami, the other top 3 cities include Los Angeles, Tampa and New York. This year, Atlanta joined the top 5 in the list. Savannah made the largest leap from last year. The list is based on the treatment data in metro areas where Orkin performed first-time residential and commercial termite treatments from February 1, 2019 to January 31, 2020.

Termite swarms can expected during favorable weather conditions. Most species of subterranean termites appear in spring and summer while drywood termites typically swarm during late summer and fall months. Variations in swarms are generally affected by variations in weather conditions.

The reason for termite swarms is survival. They are looking for food and shelter. Because of rapid urbanization there are few trees to invade. Termites usually find their way to residential homes to find a source of food.

Termites are considered sneaky pests because they can hide and thrive inside a property without being detected. According to Glen Ramsey, an entomologist of Orkin, at least 600,000 US homes are threatened by termite damage. To repair damages, a homeowner may spend as much as $3,000.

To avoid termite infestation, property owners must regularly inspect and monitor water drainage sites to ensure that they are draining properly and there is no debris. Leaky pipes, gutters, downspouts, air conditioning units and fixtures that are susceptible to leaking must be monitored to check for leaks and moisture. Food sources can be reduced by removing rotting wood, stacks of firewood near the home and dead trees.

If you suspect termite infestation in the home, contact Ormond Beach FL pest control immediately to assess the problem properly. Do not wait for termites to damage the home; call for assistance promptly. You cannot eliminate termites by yourself.