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Milk-Based Skin Treatment For Patients Undergoing Radiation

February 28, 2017

At Bass Farms, the goats are smart enough to line up and position themselves when it is time to milk them. Once the first of the goats is let out the pen, the others follow and know where they are supposed to go to. Jane Bass loves working with animals and she is hands-on when it comes to milking them. Bass’ herds are also the source of her growing business.

From her farm in Shelby County, Jane Bass was able to produce all-natural skin care products that range from lotions, ointments, face scrubs and other products using goat’s milk as the primary ingredient. The Triple B hydrating cream was found to be incredibly effective in the treatment of radiation burns among cancer patients. The cream became so popular among the patients so that Community South Hospital became one of Bass’ regular customers. Other hospitals are in the area are trying their best to be among the waiting list for Bass’ products.

According to Dr Darrel Lawrence Ross, a radiation oncologist at the Community South Hospital, he is glad that there is a natural and organic product that can soothe the burned skin from radiation treatment. Dr Ross was doing some research when he came across the cream and since it was local, he asked Bass to provide him with samples.

Dr Ross gave the samples to patients and asked them to report back whether the skin care product was effective. Everyone loved the product. The skin that was supposed to be red and peeling was a little bit pink. The skin care product helped in maintaining the integrity of their skin.

According to Dr Ross, it is important to remove the side effects from someone who is undergoing radiation because it helps them to cope up psychologically. Hospitals throughout Indiana have contacted Bass to order the Triple B cream so that their patients can use it too.

Natural Skin Treatment is now the trend because people do not want their sensitive skins to be exposed to chemicals. There are different ingredients for natural skincare products that can include milk and fruit and vegetable extracts to achieve a glowing complexion.