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Minimizing Work-Related Risks For Plasterers

May 21, 2019

It does not matter if one is handling paint or plaster in Sydney construction, both workers are still at risk of work-related injuries especially in the workplace. The aim is to make sure that the workers are always safe and have the best protection provided as much as possible. This is why there are many rules and regulations being followed when it comes to construction because the industry standards ensure the safety of the workers and the general public.

There are many reasons why a plasterer would be injured at work such as using the tools or equipment in the wrong way, getting hit by falling debris, exposure to toxic chemicals and airborne irritants while working and falling because from a height.

Despite working in the field as professionals for many years, plasterers still need to be reminded and briefed with safety measures every now and then. The first thing they must keep in mind is to wear appropriate work clothes. Many construction companies provide their workers with the overalls they will use which will help distinguish them from other workers when working alongside other companies in a commercial building.

Aside from the overalls, the rest of the body must also be protected with the right safety gear such as hand gloves, head gear, goggles for the eyes and face mask if necessary. To cap it all, one must wear work boots that are appropriate for workplace. It must have excellent floor traction to avoid slipping and falling accidentally.

A worker who has no prior experience handling a tool or equipment should not try without professional supervision. It is often the cause of many accidents because they assume they can handle machines even without proper training. Tools that vibrate when in use should not be handled longer than necessary as it could damage the worker’s joint, muscle or nerve.

It cannot be avoided to climb heights when applying plaster in Sydney construction but, prior to doing so, the scaffolding should be inspected. It is not advisable to use makeshift ladders as it is not reliable and it might not be able to handle a person’s weight for longer period of time.