Modern Education Center Tutor Kris Lau On Bail Despite Allegations Of Test Leaks

August 23, 2018

High-profile English tutor Kris Lau from a Hong Kong tuition school Modern Education Center and student Seraph Wong are out on bail after allegedly leaking examination information in Hong Kong.


Kris Lau and the Modern Education Center

Kris Lau has been working with Modern Education Center for fifteen years. In 2011, he went to the University of Oxford for a master’s degree as part of an exchange program. He has earned the title master of functional grammar.


Modern Education Center, previously known as Intel Education, was established in 1988. It is a tuition school with more than fourteen branches all over Hong Kong.


Alleged Crime

Kris Lau, 43, and Seraph Wong, 19 are believed to have worked together to disclose confidential information using a computer. Seraph Wong is working as a marking assistant and was Kris Lau’s former student.


The government’s graft-buster charged each of them with one count of using a computer with a dishonest intent, and a joint case for conspiracy. The court believes that Seraph Wong, hired by the examination authority to mark the paper, accepted $130 from the English tutor Lau from April 17 to May 13 last year to leak information regarding the English Listening and Integrated Skills for the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education examination. They are also accused of using a smartphone to send and receive information regarding the exam on April 21.


On Bail

The pair was ordered by the court to report to MongKok Police Station once a week and to reside at their reported address after paying cash bail for the alleged violation.


The court also ordered the two not to contact the fifteen witnesses in the case.


Second of its Kind

This was the second case of the same nature regarding the exam.


Just last June, WeslieSiao Chi-Yung, 42, a high-profile tutor from the same center, Modern Education, appeared in court with this wife together with two former examiners for leaking the questions for the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education exam. It is believed that they received information through the phone and messages regarding the Chinese language tests in 2016 and 2017.



If convicted, the two could face three years imprisonment and pay around $12,000 as fine