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North Wind Responds To A Negative Review With A Lawsuit

December 10, 2019

The digital company can be considered lucky to receive positive King Kong agency reviews from its own employees. Many businesses receive negative reviews no matter how much they try to be good. There are instances when the bad reviews are justified but sometimes, the customer is just a jerk. The big question is how to respond to bad reviews.  

North Wind Heating and Air, an installer of heating and air conditioning systems responded to a negative review by suing the Yelp reviewer Lisa Agostino. According to North Wind, the statements of Agostino were false and derogatory and have resulted into a direct negative effect on the business’ ability to provide full-time hours to its employee.

The Michigan-based company said that they repaired Agostino’s air conditioning unit according to the work order she approved. Unfortunately, Agostino was not satisfied with the work and she called the company to complain. She also disagreed with the price of the replaced part. The company returned the part and did not charge Agostino.

In the negative Yelp review, Agostino claimed that the experience was worse than bad. However, North Wind said that the review contained false statements. The company requested Agostino to take down the review which she refused. North Wind filed a lawsuit for the removal of the review. It is also asking for $25,000 in damages due to loss business caused by the bad review.

Just about every business today suffers from indignity online because people are free to say what they want and businesses have no control over their opinions. Lots of people throw shade against major airlines, tech companies and hotels.

Businesses have to take the risks as well as the rewards. Since most consumers are already used to seeing negative reviews online, it no longer affects their purchase decisions. There are other factors that consumers consider and they take negative reviews with a grain of salt.

A company is clearly doing right if it receives positive King Kong agency reviews from employees. People’s perception of a brand can be affected by online reviews. However, positive reviews are not reason for a business to become complacent because it takes only a few derogatory statements from a disgruntled customer to damage the reputation.