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Northern Saskatchewan Has Highest Rates Of Violent Crime Against Younger Women

July 18, 2019

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According to information from Statistics Canada Juristat study on police-reported violent crimes against young women and girls in Canada’s provincial north and territories, Northern Manitoba has higher rates of violent crime committed against women who are 24 years old and younger but for one other part of Canada’s north where violent crime rates on young women and girls are 3 times higher.

Northern Saskatchewan was found out to have the highest rate of violent crime against women who are 24 years and younger. Out of 100,000 people, 136,886 victims are young women and girls. Northern Manitoba has the second highest rates of 9,025 victims per 100,000 people. This means that that there are only 9 victims out of 1,000 persons.

These Prairie Provinces have higher violent crime rates than the Northwest Territories that is considered as the most violent territory. There were 8,909 female victims aged 24 and below in 2017. The rate of violent crime against women with ages 24 and below was 4.9 times higher compared to the province’s south part.

Northern Manitoba has consistently had higher violent crime rates for men and women of all age groups compared to the south of the province and three Canada territories. However, Northern Manitoba is unique because more violent crimes committed against women and girls below 24 occurred in the urban areas.

Violent crime rates in the urban areas were 10,053 per 100,000 persons while in the rural areas; the rate was only 8,881 victims per 100,000 persons. Most of the violent crimes were committed by males and the victims suffered from physical injuries.

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