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OCC Recycling Facility Aims To Be Zero-Waste

June 2, 2019

Many of the homeowners who are trying to unload years of collecting items hire junk hauling Orange County to handle recycling especially if they are not sure if the items can be recycled or needs to go straight to the landfill. A recent development in Orange County is the Recycling Center founded by the Orange County College. It aims to be the first establishment in the planet to be awarded with three different environmental certificates.

Just after it was given the certification as a LEED building, the center which was renovated recently was also the first building in California to be given the SITES v2 verification according to the latest certification rules. Their aim now is to get another award which is a certification for being True Zero-Waste in the coming months.

Through the LEED certification, the energy efficiency of the facility has been recognized while the second certification proves the efficiency of the facility with regards to water usage as well as landscaping.

In order for them to get a certification as a True Zero-Waste facility, they must be able to divert 90 per cent or more of their current waste. Based on the statement from Mike Carey, the coordinator for environmental and sustainability, the only material that the center is disposing every day is the plastic trash bags that are being given to customers for them to store their recyclables.

Once they were able to get this third certification, they will be the only facility in the planet to be able to achieve three certifications. The center was built inside a land which spans five acres. There are two classrooms found inside along with organic garden beds planted with vegetables and fruits. They are planning to cultivate Milkweed soon because it is known to aid in increasing the population of the monarch butterfly.

Within the site there is also a conference room, showers for men and women workers who wanted to clean themselves after every shift and offices. This is a status that every junk hauling Orange County company wants to achieve in order to aid in reducing wastes and increase recycling rate in the state.