OPEC Drafting New Plan For Schools

November 18, 2017

Thailand’s OPEC (Office of Private Education Commission) are working on ways to help out teachers in private schools looking for Vidhayathana, the academic ranks of the country, and have begun drafting out a new plan to that effect. This new plan will aid teachers avoid over straining themselves with teaching, as well as help solve the teacher shortages that have been plaguing some of Thailand’s independent schools including the kindergarten in Bangkok, going up to the higher levels.

Secretary-General PayomChinnawong of OPEC, says that many private schools in Thailand suffer from brain drain, which happens because the teachers feel overstrained, think they lack job security, or believe that they are receiving lower salaries and inferior welfare compared to their public school counterparts.

Payom elaborates, saying that public school teachers, receive extra financial compensation every month as a form of incentive if they manage to achieve special expertise or specialist teacher status. The same can’t be said of private school teachers, he says, due to a lack of budget designed to do the same for them. As a consequence, Payom states, a great many teachers teach at private schools for a short time only to move to public as soon as they can.

This is, of course, problematic for Thailand’s private learning institutions, with many kindergarten in Bangkok┬áconstantly shuffling new and old teachers due to the moves. OPEC, according to Mr. Payom, has recognized the issue, and are moving to help private schools cope.

One idea is to adapt the Vidhayathana system, same with public schools, with private school teachers receiving additional monthly compensation until retirement for achieving ranks within the system.

For public school teachers, the following monthly bonuses apply.

  • Special Expertise Title
    • KruChamnankan: additional Bt3,500/mo.
    • KruChamnankanPiset: additional Bt12,000/mo.
  • Specialist Teacher Title
    • KruChiewchan: additional Bt19,800/mo.
    • KruChiewchanPiset: additional Bt31,200/mo.

OPEC stated through Mr. Payom, that they are currently discussing specifics regarding bonuses, due to private school owners handling the payment. He says OPEC might take a different route, and ask for an extra Bt4B from the government, with the extra from the subsidy to go straight to the salaries of private school teachers.