P2P Transport Is Now The AU’s Largest Taxi Ad Network

April 21, 2019

Good representation and identifiability are the key to any fleet signage in Brisbane, or anywhere else in Australia, and taxis are a great example of how lucrative this can be. ASX-listed company P2P Transport is aware of that fact, and has recently succeeded in its efforts to make itself the largest taxi advertisement network in the country, with its acquisition of Nonstop Media.

P2P Transport’s advertising division, Adflow, will take charge of all of the acquired media assets, which cover digital rooftop signage, in-vehicle entertainment options and fleet signage in Brisbane and across Australia. This acquisition bumps up Adflow’s scale, adding an additional 1,300 to its already sizable fleet of 2,600 vehicles.

Adflow GM Luke O’Connor says that Nonstop Media, alongside Rova Media in its prior state, have been some of the two biggest players in the taxi media market in the AU for the past 10 years, and they managed to acquire Nonstop because they have assets that no other option had, making the sale decision a quick and easy one to make.

Operating a  mesh network of vehicles travelling across the AU, with notable presence in the major capital cities, O’Connor says that Adflow’s fleet can now reach any street. The additional vehicles to its fleet means that the company can offer more than just traditional taxi back advertising, but also car wraps, digital entertainment, as well as digital taxi top displays.

Adflow is offering pay-per-display, as well as traditional purchasing methods, which can work even with tighter budgets.

O’Connor took some time to boast about Adflow’s digital rooftop signs, which he says are fully-Australian made, the product of two years worth of R&D. He says that these digital tops, thanks to the latest developments in technology, can show adaptive content, which varies based on the time of day, the location, as well as any programmable trigger that they feel clients might need.

He says that the market is looking towards dynamic content, and a programmatic marketplace, which would allow Adflow to trade location-based advertising via the AU’s major trading desks, and that’s something to look forward to.