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Introducing The Charity Foundation That Utilized Blockchain

Posted by on Jul 29, 2018 in Foundation, Industry, Service, Tips | Comments Off on Introducing The Charity Foundation That Utilized Blockchain

Introducing The Charity Foundation That Utilized Blockchain

It is not always that you hear blockchain and charity in one sentence. The technology that is taking the world by storm will delve into the charity sector. It came as a surprise to the industry including Denis O’Brien who is known for his various causes through his established foundation.

Binance is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the planet which is determined by the trading volume on a daily basis. It has also made waves in Malta. The firm decided to form a partnership with the President’s Trust in order to launch the Blockchain Charity Foundation.

The launch of the foundation was made known to the public during the MOU signing event. The foundation is going to utilize technology that is the basis of cryptocurrency in order to strengthen the communities that are defenseless and to improve the transparency when it comes to the charitable work they do.

The signed MUO or memorandum of understanding is made by Helen Hai, the United Nation’s goodwill ambassador in charge of industrial development organization, H.E. Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, the president of Maltese and Dr. Michael Bianchi, the person in charge of the President’s Trust. The signing was held at the Presidential Palace located in Balzan, Malta.

Dr. Michael Bianchi, who is a part of the established first crypto bank in the planet, gave a speech during the MUO signing. He said that the aim of the foundation is to give hope to those who are socially lacking and they are hoping that the foundation will make some big changes in the industry.

Blockchain Charity Foundation carries the motto: “Blockchain for social good”. Binance is known to be a fan of the motto.

Hai, on the other hand, was chosen to be the foundation’s head. She was chosen because she has knowledge when it comes to developmental economics. Just like the foundation started by Denis O’Brien, the Blockchain Charity Foundation will give emphasis on the social issues that the world is currently facing. This is in line with the UN Agenda for the year 2030 and its goal of reaching sustainability.

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How To Choose The Best Gaming Motherboard

Posted by on Jul 26, 2018 in Battery Charger | Comments Off on How To Choose The Best Gaming Motherboard

How To Choose The Best Gaming Motherboard

Motherboard is an important component of a computer. It is the nervous system of a computer, which helps the CPU interact with the other components in the system. Shopping for an ideal motherboard is important task, when you are building a gaming PC.

The first step in shopping for gaming motherboard in Thailand is to determine the other components of the computer. First determine what parts you already have and the parts you intend to buy. All the parts of the PC should be compatible with each other for the gaming PC to function effectively.

Here are some of the important factors to lookout for while buying a gaming motherboard Thailand to build your PC

  • CPU socket – The CPU socket defines the motherboard. The type of processor, a motherboard is designed to hold is the first important factor, that helps you to pick a right gaming motherboard in Thailand for your PC. Once you buy a motherboard, the choices of your CPU are limited to the type of the socket.
  • Form Factor– The size and shape of the motherboard defines its performance and capabilities. The room for expansion and the different styles of expansion available on the motherboard are known as form factors. The most suitable gaming motherboard for a high-end gaming PC is the full size ATX motherboard.
  • Ram Bays – Random Access Memory is the space where the data is processed in a computer. The more RAM, a computer has, the more efficiently it functions. The motherboard of a computer has special RAM bays to increase the RAM of a computer. The RAM and motherboard should be compatible for optimum efficiency in computing. While investing in a motherboard look for the type and speed of memory supported by it.
  • Integrated graphics – Low-end and mid-range motherboards have basic graphic capabilities that are enough to run the basic windows apps and light games. But for a gaming PC, you will require a discrete gaming motherboard, which does not include integrated video systems and require separate graphic cards.
  • Expansion slots – The expansion slots of a gaming motherboard in Thailand will let the users to add additional capabilities to the motherboard. Gamers can add video cards and sound cards to enhance the gaming experience.
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Marriott Hotel Manchester Airport To Get A Brasserie Blanc

Posted by on Jul 21, 2018 in Business | Comments Off on Marriott Hotel Manchester Airport To Get A Brasserie Blanc

Marriott Hotel Manchester Airport To Get A Brasserie Blanc


For people who stay in Cheltenham hotels and in other hotels across the UK, the restaurant brand Brasserie Blanc is quite well known, present across the country in several major hotels. On the 16th of July, there’ll be a new addition to the restaurant chain, with its second Marriott hotel venue at the Manchester Airport, a major transportation hub in the UK.

The newest addition to Brasserie Blanc,Chef Raymond Blanc’s brand will be placed in the recently-refurbished four-star Manchester Airport Marriot Hotel, which is located just a few minutes from the terminal in Hale Barns. The new space, featuring both classic and contemporary touches, will offer plenty of space with a total of 270 covers, with 120 across the restaurant space, 100 covers on the bar and the remaining 50 spaces located on the terrace.

The new restaurant will be open seven days a week; opening at 6am every day, and closing in 10.30pm on the weekdays, half an hour later on Saturdays (11pm), half an hour earlier on Sundays (10pm). The brasserie provides meals for any time of the day; breakfast, lunch and dinner with the option of afternoon tea. The brasserie features a menu comprised of a mix of authentic French dishes and international items chosen by Raymond Blanc himself, with dishes based on the tastes and textures he saw, tasted and experienced throughout his career and his travels.

Mark Derry, Brasserie Blanc’s CEO, says that the brand is delighted to open their second site in a Marriott Hotel, and that this new development was merely a part of an exciting new phase for them. Derry adds that their decision to have this new branch inside the Manchester Airport Marriott Hotel is that they’ve already seen notable success from sites that operate within or in association with hotels across the UK, like Cheltenham hotels, Bath, and Bournemouth hotels, and have decided to capitalize on it and expand that side of the business.

Derry says that the bar, brasserie and terrace will be something special, and they hope that the new Brasserie Blanc will be a destination for people, not just local residents, but also for the international travellers that pass through Manchester Airport.

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Why You Should Use An Electric Fence Energisers For Rodent Control

Posted by on Jul 21, 2018 in Business | Comments Off on Why You Should Use An Electric Fence Energisers For Rodent Control

Why You Should Use An Electric Fence Energisers For Rodent Control

One of the most effective methods of rodent and pest control is by using an electric fence. It protects your premises from infestation and cattle from getting infected. The electric fence energisers employ a process which delivers a physiological shock to the animal. The voltage delivered is so strong, it becomes almost impossible for the animal to avoid the shock vicinity.

Why Electric Fence Energisers?

Other forms of restraining rodents are perimeter fencing and barbed wire. They are very ineffective because ambitious rodents will always find a way against them. When electric fence energisers are used, the overwhelming shocking power of the electric pulses produced by the energisers will make your fence a fortress.

Types of Electric Fences

  • Piggyback. This is a type of electric fence that is mounted off the back of an existing wire. This piggyback profile is fastened to existing fence posts.
  • Wall top. These types of fences are attached to the top of an existing perimeter barrier such a masonry.
  • Stand-alone.this fence act as the singular perimeter barrier for the pest. They are very pleasing aesthetically if assembled neatly.


All types of electric fences require frequent maintenance to ensure their effectiveness. Cattles are strong enough to forcefully go through most electric fences. This happens occasionally when they are having a sex drive or driven by hunger. A damaged electric cattle fence can be disastrous to your farm. Not only will the unwanted rodents gain free entry, your cattle will also wander freely out of control.

Problems and fault findings

Electric problems do occur. However, if good principles of fencing and techniques are investigated before the construction of the fence, perhaps problems can be minimized.

Voltage leakages, dead shorts because of direct connection to the ground surface, cracked insulators, poor earth system, dry of soil around the earth and faulty energisers are root causes of electric fence energisers problem.


The electric fence energisers for pest control are a fantastic option in preventing rodent infestation. They protect your cattle from diseases and the grasses they eat from damage.

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Five Fun Things To Do While Visiting Myanmar

Posted by on Jul 19, 2018 in Events | Comments Off on Five Fun Things To Do While Visiting Myanmar

Five Fun Things To Do While Visiting Myanmar

Yangon is a beautiful city with a lot of interesting history. The well-preserved pagodas and temples in the city introduce the visitors to the rich cultural past of Myanmar. The city has a number of tourist attractions and the locals are friendly.

Visitors can book their stay at the luxurious hotels and apartments in Yangon Myanmar, which welcome the guests with warm hospitality. The hotels and apartments offer top class services at competitive prices. You can book the hotels online through the hotel booking websites or visit the websites of the hotels and apartments.

Here is a list of some of the popular tourist attractions in Yangon

  1. Shwedagon pagoda

The Shwedagon pagoda is one of the most sacred Buddhist temples in the country. The pagoda contains the relics of the four previous Buddha and hence is a revered site of worship for Buddhists across the world. The main chedi of the pagoda is around ninety nine metres and is visible from many locations in the city. Visit the pagoda and observe the interesting religious rituals performed by the locals.

  1. Local markets

Tourists who wish to experience the local way of life can plan a visit to the local fresh markets. There are many fresh markets in the city and the Thein Gyi market is a popular market.

  1. Sule pagoda

This is the oldest pagoda in the city. The Sule pagoda was built even before the Shwedagon pagoda and is believed to be nearly two thousand five hundred years old. The pagoda is situated in the China town area and is easy to reach from any place in Yangon. Tourists visiting the city can stay at the world class hotel and apartments in Yangon Myanmar and enjoy visiting the amazing places that tell stories about the rich cultural history of the country.

  1. ChaukhtatgyiPaya

Chaukhtatgyipaya is also popular as the Reclining Buddha. This statue is a massive sixty five meter long idol of Buddha in reclining position. The crown of the idol is adorned with diamonds and other precious gems while the feet are etched with religious carvings and symbols.

  1. Relish the local cuisine and drink tea and beer

Visitors to this beautiful city can stay at the world class hotel and apartments in Yangon Myanmar and visit the night market in the china town area to experience the local cuisine. They can sample a variety of authentic dishes of Myanmar and enjoy sipping the local Myanmar beer at this market. There are many restaurants and bars in china town area offering food and drinks at cheap rates.

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The Role Of A Funeral Director

Posted by on Jul 17, 2018 in Director, Funeral, Service, Tips | Comments Off on The Role Of A Funeral Director

The Role Of A Funeral Director

Funeral is a sensitive and personal event. If the deceased has not made prior arrangements, organizing the funeral for a family member or a loved one is a difficult task. A funeral director makes the task simpler by guiding the family through the process and making the necessary arrangements for the funeral.

If the wishes of the deceased person are unknown, the funeral directors in Sydney will help the family in taking major decisions such as

  • Choosing between burial and cremation
  • Selecting a day, time and venue for the funeral
  • Choosing a person to lead the service. You can choose a clergy, funeral celebrant, family member or a close friend to lead the service.
  • Arranging for viewing
  • Buying a casket and deciding the persons to carry the casket
  • Deciding on important factors like flowers and music for the service.
  • How to personalize the ceremony

The role of funeral directors starts from the moment they are called for consultation and extends till the successful completion of the service. Here is a list of services provided by most of the funeral directors in Sydney to make a ceremony successful.

  • Funeral director helps to transfer the body of the deceased from hospital or home to the funeral home.
  • They hold personal consultations with the family members to make arrangements at the funeral service. They help the family members of the deceased to select the proper decoration and music at the service, if the wishes of the deceased are unknown.
  • One of the main job of funeral directors in Sydney is to liaise with the funeral homes, cemeteries and crematoria.
  • The funeral directors also undertake the legal process such as registration of death and collection of all the required medical certificates.
  • Funeral directors also supply hearse and other funeral vehicles as well as the cars required to transport the family to the funeral home or the chapel where the service is conducted.
  • They also help to organize events like wake. They help the family members of the deceased to make the necessary catering and other arrangements for the event.
  • Many of the reputed funeral directors in Sydney offer referrals to grief support to enable the family members to recover from the trauma of loss of a loved one.
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How Realtors Can Help You Find A Townhome In Sriracha

Posted by on Jul 15, 2018 in Business | Comments Off on How Realtors Can Help You Find A Townhome In Sriracha

How Realtors Can Help You Find A Townhome In Sriracha

Sriracha is a town in Thailand along the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand. It’s about 120 kilometres southeast of Bangkok in the Si Racha District,Chonburi Province. The town is named after the popular hot sauce, Sriracha. As it is far away from the hustling and bustling city life of Bangkok, many people including foreigners love to buy a ทาวน์โฮมศรีราชาand call it their home.

Finding a ทาวน์โฮมศรีราชาmay not be really easy as there are lots of homes for sale to choose from. You may start looking at them and find them not the perfect fit for you and your family. This is when you need a Thai realtor to show you around and give you suggestions on townhouses that suit your needs. They can also offer the townhouses on their listing so you can view them and help you to decide on your choice.

A Thai realtor will always ask you what you exactly want in a house and the price range that you can afford. If you deal with them, they are the first persons to hear about new townhouses in Sriracha that are available for sale or rent, and will consider you as their first option to possibly buy a townhouse here. You will also be provided with information about the new home including association fees, the type of neighbourhood you have, and how you can be accommodated in the townhome.

If you want the nearest possibility of finding your dream ทาวน์โฮมศรีราชาwith the right price, you bet a Thai realtor can really be useful. With adequate knowledge and resources, he or she can help you negotiate the price of the townhouse with the seller. He will back you up and be able to respond to difficult questions you may face. And as it is not easy to find a place in Sriracha, the realtor can help minimise the stress of finding a new home.

To know how to find a reputable Thai realtor, you need to verify with people you know about their services. You can also read reviews about their company and check how many properties they have sold for a fair price. It’s really important to work with a realtor so you can get a ทาวน์โฮมศรีราชาwith the best deals.

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