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Why Send Your Child In An International School In Thailand

Posted by on Feb 10, 2019 in International School, Lifestyle, Tips, Travel | Comments Off on Why Send Your Child In An International School In Thailand

Why Send Your Child In An International School In Thailand

Thailand is a never-colonized country making it an independent nation in Southeast Asia. It has an amazing culture of diplomacy with excellent hospitality. The people in Thailand are so friendly which draw many foreigners to study in the country.


Thailand highly values the importance of education like many other Asian countries. Thai students have rigorous exams in an international school in Thailand and experience a stiff competition in getting accepted. The goal of the Thai government is to make sure that their schools and universities will lead in science and technology just like the strong economy of the country and the modernization it is now experiencing. Many foreign students enrol in an international school in Thailand to study the ecosystem, development, and agriculture.


Thailand is a blend of modern and ancient cultures which harmoniously blend each other. Much of its culture originate from the ethnic people in Thailand. They entice the foreigners’ curiosity to come and experience the beauty of the country. Buddhism is one of the influences in the Thai culture. The people’s beliefs directly stem from the principles of Buddhism which foreigners take interest in to study.

Economy – Thailand has a strong economy among the countries in Southeast Asia and has rapidly developed its modern economy. The cost of living is generally low which makes it an ideal destination for students who are on a budget and want to make their limited funds suffice with their needs.

Other Reasons

Nature – Thailand is rich with amazing views and fantastic tropical beaches which greatly attract foreigners.

Weather – The country has a pleasant climate whole year round. Thailand has tropical weather and has generally blue skies for about six months in the dry season which attracts more students.

Food – Thailand has a variety of food choices that are palatable and inexpensive. The food in Thailand is healthy and good for the body. This is essential to the well-being of the students.

Location – Thailand is strategically located in Southeast Asia making it convenient for the students to explore the neighbouring countries fully.

Beaches – The beaches in Thailand are fantastic and amazing. Wherever you go in Thailand, there is always a beach nearby.

Education is an extremely important factor in a child’s life. Having a good education will enable the children to face life with strength and success.





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Healthcare Industry Needs Cloud Technology Now More Than Ever

Posted by on Feb 9, 2019 in Business | Comments Off on Healthcare Industry Needs Cloud Technology Now More Than Ever

Healthcare Industry Needs Cloud Technology Now More Than Ever

While various industries are quick to jump to the bandwagon of cloud technology, healthcare was left behind but this is slowly changing and for the better. There are many reasons why the healthcare industry was not so welcoming of cloud technology including privacy concerns, date security risks, regulatory compliance, interoperability and infrastructure availability.

These challenges are far from over but healthcare organizations are slowly embracing cloud technology with the sudden increase in demand brought about by more flexibility when using cloud system. One proof is the report published by GlobalData which predicts the market size of the international healthcare cloud computing to reach $35 billion by 2022. To achieve this, the market should grow by around 2.17 per cent every year from 2018 until 2022. In addition, the report predicts that the market size of the pharmaceutical cloud computing will increase to $12.1 billion by 2022 from $4.7 billion recorded in 2017.

These predictions are slowly coming true with news of industries partnering in the international market to venture into cloud technology services. For instance, Microsoft partnered with Veradigm, which is a subsidiary of Allscripts, to create a product that will aid researchers in performing studies through the electronic health record of Allscripts which is cloud-based.

University of Sydney’s National Health and Medical Research Council Clinical Trial Centre utilized the eClinical platform made by Medidata in order to conduct their studies. It is expected to improve their research as the system is simpler, accelerated and improved.

Peter Mac, the cancer institute in Australia, released two new systems that are both cloud-based as replacement for a number of systems as well as precision medicine in the country. These systems made it possible to consolidate information coming from different sources and routed into a single network prior to storing in Microsoft Azure. All of the information is then accessible to multiple users at the same time.

MedicalDirector also developed a Helix solution for cloud technology healthcare which was integrated with the Azure cloud service from Microsoft. The main goal is to make healthcare delivery more efficient, organize medical information in a flexible manner and raise the quality of decision making based on evidence.

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Thailand Moving To Make Health Insurance Compulsory For Long-Stay Visas

Posted by on Feb 8, 2019 in Business | Comments Off on Thailand Moving To Make Health Insurance Compulsory For Long-Stay Visas

Thailand Moving To Make Health Insurance Compulsory For Long-Stay Visas

The Thai government recently revealed a new proposal that they’re working on, one that’ll make health insurance in Thailand mandatory for any foreigners staying in the country with a one-year Non-Immigrant Visa “O-A” (Long Stay), with the proposal made by a key committee made by a multi-bureau group, with assistance and oversight from the Medical Hub Committee.

The criterion was formulated under the Immigrant Act 1979, and was checked by the Medical Hub Committee. When they gave their approval, the proposal was moved forward, according to Dr. Kittisak Klapdee, adviser to the Minister of Public Health who was assigned by Public Health Minister Dr. Piyasakol Sakolsatayadorn to be a part of the Tourism and Sport Vice Minister Ittipol Khunplome at the Medical Hub Committee’s second annual meeting, to make sure the amendment was handled properly.

Once the proposal come into effect, foreigners staying in the country with a long stay visa will have to get health insurance in Thailand covering their entire stay in the country with a minimum Bt40,000 out-patient medical bill coverage, alongside a minimum of Bt40,000 in-patient medical bill coverage.

Expats in the country that already have overseas insurance policies that fit the minimum requirement would not need to consult health insurance in Thailand for an insurance policy. Dr. Klapdee says that these people can apply for long-stay visas with their foreign insurance policies.

The amendment is being refined by the cooperative efforts of the Foreign Ministry, the Immigration Bureau, the Interior Ministry, the Office of Insurance Commission, the Public Health Ministry, the Thai General Insurance Association, and the Thai Life Assurance Association. Once the amendment’s details and guidelines have been ironed out, and it moves forward to the next stage, Dr. Klapdee says it’ll be forwarded to the Cabinet for approval as a formal policy.

The goal of the amended criterion is to ensure that people staying in Thailand with long-stay visas, primarily elderly foreigners, have health protection while in the country. The key committee is also hoping that this amendment will also benefit healthcare in Thailand, including public and private hospitals, according to Dr. Klapdee.

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Tough Challenges For Apple Subscription Gaming Service

Posted by on Feb 8, 2019 in Events | Comments Off on Tough Challenges For Apple Subscription Gaming Service

Tough Challenges For Apple Subscription Gaming Service

Many people are asking whether they can buy games for cheap prices. Video games are expensive particularly those that have been recently released. Generally, CD keys for downloadable games are cheaper because manufacturers do not have to spend for packaging and storage. However, when game stores have to reduce their stock because of lack of storage space, the boxed games are offered for better prices.

Meanwhile, a report from Cheddar revealed that Apple is planning for a subscription gaming service. Since it is apparently in the early stages of development, there is no news of what the specifics would look like, how much it is priced and what is included.

It is somewhat safe to assume that the core of Apple subscription gaming service will be IOS games on the Mac. Gaming on Mac exists but it is rather small by comparison. Since Mac games are sold outside of the Mac App Store, a Mac-only game subscription will not do well. An even smaller market is gaming on Apple TV. Most of the action can be found on IOS but most of the games are paid apps. The games that people download and play are frequently the freemium games.

If you will look closely, Apple does not maintain a single top list; instead there are separate lists for free and paid games. The top games for 2018 include Minecraft which is the second best selling IOS game. Most of the free games that gained popularity are supported by in-app purchases from an expendable source like gems or V-bucks.

If Apple desires a meaningful influx of virtual currency at frequent intervals, the best solution is to work out a deal with top game publishers that will provide quality and popular games for subscribers. However, will Apple be able to convince mobile game makers to create games that people really want to play?

Game subscription services are considered good deals because people can buy games for cheap through discounts on purchases of games or in-game content. Game subscription services encourage people by pricing their games very low or including as many games as possible on the in-app purchase rewards.

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History And Basic Rules Of AFL

Posted by on Feb 7, 2019 in Business | Comments Off on History And Basic Rules Of AFL

History And Basic Rules Of AFL

Understanding the most popular sport of Australia, is no easy task. It is a unique game with a number of rules for the players. It is hard to follow the game, unless you are well versed with its rules, facts, scoring pattern etc.

Here are easy guidelines to help you understand the basics of the game. Go through these guidelines, buy your favourite teams’ jerseys and other merchandise at an AFL footy store in your neighbourhood or AFL online store and get ready to enjoy the next season of the game with your Aussies friends.

History of the game

The AFL was initialled called as the Victorian football association. It was designed as a method to keep the cricketers fit during winters. The game was conceptualized in 1858 and VFA came into existence in 1877. The VFA was renamed as the Australian Football League in the year 1990. The AFL is the most popular sport in Australia and attracts the most number of spectators in the country.

About the match

  1. The matches are played on the weekends. Each game is divided into four 20 minutes quarters with a 20 minute break at the half time. The team with highest points at the final siren wins the match.
  2. The game is played in a grassy oval with goal posts on each end. The measurements of the ground can be 135 to 185 metres length and 110 to 155 metres width. Players compete to get possession of the ball and put it through the goal post. Each goal is awarded 6 points.
  3. The AFL has eighteen teams from Victoria, Queensland, Southern Australia, Western Australia and New South Wales.
  4. There are 16 stadiums across the country which are suitable for playing AFL games. The largest AFL ground is in Melbourne. The Melbourne stadium hosts the Grand finals of the AFL.
  5. The AFL season starts with a NAB challenge, which is followed up by 23 Home and away matches, which happen through the winter. The top 8 teams in the leader board play the final rounds. The top two teams reach the Grand final which is played at the Melbourne stadium.

Now that you have enough knowledge of the game, get ready for the upcoming season of AFL. Shop for merchandise at the AFL footy store and book your tickets for the match.

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Unique Team Building Activities To Enhance Interaction And Teamwork

Posted by on Feb 7, 2019 in Events | Comments Off on Unique Team Building Activities To Enhance Interaction And Teamwork

Unique Team Building Activities To Enhance Interaction And Teamwork

Human resources is usually in a quandary when it comes to deciding on team building activities in Sydney because they want something unique and different that will be appreciated by the employees. Every year companies hold team building to promote interaction among employees and at the same time provide them with paid time outside the workplace.

Most of the traditional team building activities include company picnics and meetings where there is a lot of talking. There are usually games where the employees are given the opportunity to flex their muscles in an interesting environment. Instead of simply talking to solve problems in the workplace, employees can work alongside one another; form teams and determine individual strengths and weaknesses.

The traditional type of team building activities can be beneficial to businesses because when teams work together, they gain an idea on how they can better complement each other in the workplace. However, something unique will encourage employees to think creatively and find a more unique solution to a problem.

An example of a unique team building activity is the escape room where 60 minutes of adventure can be experienced. There are a variety of themes and movie-like settings that can be customized to incorporate the general concepts of teamwork and problem solving. Since the concept of escape room is gaining popularity, it is very likely that that there is one near the business.

In the escape room, teams have to communicate and trust one another to be able to escape. All the team members cooperate to figure out a way to escape easily. Since they work as a team, friendships are forged easily. They complete different tasks together, solve problems, relay information and have a blast doing all the activities. Because the team works together, they realize that they can achieve anything in the workplace through cooperation.

Some unique concepts are offered for team building activities in Sydney in neutral setting. Aside from the happy memories of the day outside the office, the employees are given the opportunity to express themselves. Friendships forged during team building will enhance communication and cooperation in the workplace.

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Australian Beauty Market Is Booming

Posted by on Feb 7, 2019 in Business | Comments Off on Australian Beauty Market Is Booming

Australian Beauty Market Is Booming

Despite consumers tightening their belts, Botani and other Aussie cosmetic brands have been enjoying good values and growth, as the $6.5 billion market is still growing after a decade of uninterrupted growth.

L’Oreal Australia’s Managing Director Rodrigo Pizarro says that its more than just the lipstick effect; the small indulgences that people spend on when money’s tight, he says that he’s seen a lot of countries where women, in spite of the economic conditions, spend money on beauty products to look good, maybe for a job interview, a date, or just for their own self esteem.

Australia is no exception; in spite of the country’s love for the outdoors, as well as the free and easy lifestyle, Aussie women spend more on skin care and cosmetics, particularly foundation, than those in other developed markets. According to a recent report from Euromonitor, the AU ranked into the top 5 markets in the world for cosmetics, good news for brands like Botani and L’Oreal.

Skin care sales in the AU, for example, have been consistently growing at 7-8% annually for the past few years, fuelled by a 25-30% increase in active or dermo-cosmetics and natural brands.

Pizarro says that the skin care market is booming, with new products and names like Chemist Warehouse and Sephora entering the AU market, helped with their brand agnostic, hands-on, consumer-driven approach, which are offsetting the softer growth seen in traditional channels.

He also notes that, in order to retain its 16% market leadership, L’Oreal needs to understand how consumers behave, and think in order to adapt to their needs and wants through new products, like any other business. Like the others, he says they need data; with everything going on, they believe that looking in and out in order to see what’s new is a must.

Pizzaro states that that’s why the cosmetic industry in the AU is looking for as much data as they can in order to make sure they stay on the ball with the changes in the industry. He also believes that e-commerce will account for around a third of the market’s growth over the next few years as retailers improve their online services and offerings in order to keep up with pure-play retailers.

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