Citizens Fell Into Bogus Hotel Voucher Discounts

Scammers are now found everywhere and Thailand is not an exemption. The country is known for the past few years because of the influx of tourists and the boom of real estate properties such as condominiums and hotel near central Embassy. Due to the increase in the demand both locally and internationally, prices are rising […]

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Taste Of Tokyo To Head For Phuket

For those hoping to enjoy something special from a spa in Patong, or looking for some R&R on the island of Phuket, were treated to a delight earlier this May, when 2 of Japan’s most acclaimed restaurants showed up on the island, and, in cooperation with the Sri Panwa resort, held a gastronomic event for […]

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Improvements In Budget Hotels To Attract Corporate Business Travellers

For a business traveller who has experienced different types of accommodations, budget hotels are synonymous to lifeless décor, thin walls that cannot muffle the noise next door and the sounds of vehicles beyond the window. However, cheap hotels are making improvements so as not to miss the opportunity in luring the corporate crowd. Britain’s budget […]

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School Upgrade Proposed By Grand Erie District School Board

Schools under the Grand Erie District School Board will soon be busy asking for roller blinds instant quote among other things because of the proposed upgrade worth $21.8 million. The funding will be covering five different project categories – capital projects, community partnership incentive program, school and program improvement fund, community hubs capital funding and […]

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4 Effective Time Management Skills

Nobody lives forever. We only have limited time in this world and before we know it, it’s over. In order to make good use of your time, you can adhere to effective time management skills that will help you accomplish more, increase your productivity at work or in life and eliminate points where you would […]

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