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Parents Think It Is Unfair For Miscellaneous Schools To Be Excluded From Free Preschool

October 26, 2019

Children who have attended preschool learn to engage better with other children and teachers. The environment of Anaheim Preschool teaches children to listen to others, interact with them, make friends and share their own ideas. They learn to explore and communicate without the presence of parents.

Starting October 1, the Korean government has pledged free preschool education across the nation. However, kindergartens and nurseries that are connected with international schools are not eligible. Free preschool programs that will be subsidized by the government target kids and children between the ages 3 and 5.

International schools that are categorized under miscellaneous schools are also excluded in the program including schools intended for ethnic Koreans. According to Song He Suk, representative of parent’s association of kindergarten parents in Korea, she does not understand why miscellaneous schools must be excluded from the free preschool program. She thinks that the government is unreasonable and does not understand the reality of the situation.

According to government sources, about 55,000 facilities across Japan are eligible for the free preschool program including kindergarten, nursery schools and unlicensed nurseries. 88 miscellaneous kindergarten schools are excluded from the program with 40 of them attached to Korean schools. However, the excluded schools can apply to be unlicensed nurseries by October and give up their preschools as miscellaneous schools.

In an international school in Tokai region, kindergarten, elementary, junior high and highs schools were classified as miscellaneous schools. Since miscellaneous schools are excluded from the program, the international school applied for kindergarten for ages 3 to 5 to become unlicensed nurseries.

Parents are unhappy that preschools connected to international schools are not eligible for the program because kindergarten at international schools costs more than 40,000 yen per enrollee every month. This means that financial burden among parents will not be reduced. Parents think it is unfair since they also pay taxes that fund the program.

Children who have not attended preschool often suffer from anxiety during their first day at kindergarten. This can create a disturbance in a classroom of 20 to 30 children. Children who have attended Anaheim Preschool are already familiar with the classroom setting and easily interact with teachers and other children.