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Plastic Surgery One Of The Most Popular Operations In Ukraine

January 30, 2020

Plastic surgeons in Ukraine have been getting a lot of business lately, on top of good plastic surgery reviews, as women across the country care more and more for their personal appearance.

Like in many parts of the world, demand for plastic surgery has grown in Ukraine, with many surgeons getting more and more customers. Recently, local media has also begun to cover the growth of the industry.

According to interviews with plastic surgeons, the most common procedures in Ukraine are breast implants, buttock enhancement surgery, as well as lip improvements. Some, however, have gone under the knife to lose the extra inches in their body. As for reduction operations, the most popular happens to be breast reduction.

Plastic surgeon, Dmitry Slosser, says that there can be issues with breast growth in early puberty. Particularly large breasts can prevent proper growth, on top of being heavy, causing scuffing, discomfort from straps, and, for some cases, numbness in the fingers. Slosser explains that these are some of the reasons women get breast reduction, not just for aesthetics.

Some patients, he notes, get the rare diagnosis of needing multiple breast reduction procedures due to the breasts continuing growth. This is particularly problematic, as the surgery costs UAH90,000 (about USD3,600), depending on the clinic, and the procedure is fairly complex and requires the skill of an expert surgeon, someone who’s gotten a lot of good plastic surgery reviews and experience.

Slosser admits that breast reduction is more difficult than most procedures. Not all surgeons can handle performing a procedure that’s longer and a bit more complex than most.

As for other body parts, work on the nose; Rhinoplasty, is considered one of the most important works of a surgeon, with cost averaging at about UAH70,000. For some people, the option of non-surgical rhinoplasty, costing about UAH2,500, is the better options.

Slosser says that there’s a lot of other methods that’s known to people in the field, but they can be dangerous, especially when dealing with special drugs that break down cartilage and bone. There’s always the chance of negative side effects, which can be difficult to deal with surgically.