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Preschool Feature To Be Added In YouTube Kids App

September 3, 2019

Technology is a touchy issue especially for younger children because of its negative effects. Many schools including Anaheim preschool discourages screen time for children in preschool but rather encourages actual play. To answer the worries and concerns of parents, in 2015, Google decided to introduce the app for YouTube Kids which can be downloaded in both iOS and Android platform. The main reason for the version is straightforward and the product execution was made simple.

It was more than four years ago when the app was introduced and many things have changed since then. They develop things as they go and it has become more flexible than ever. Now, every age group can use the app while maintaining its purpose and user categories are far more improved than when it was first introduced.

It was a year ago when a new function was introduced, the ability to determine users in the younger and older category. This is not enough for Google though because it decided it needs another option to make sure that younger children who are using the app will not be able to access contents that are not appropriate for their age. This feature is intended for preschoolers who are four years old and below. When the feature is turned on by the parents, only videos that feature creativity, exploration, play and learning will be shown.

The version still carries the same features as before such as the option for the parents to self-approve every video the child can watch. When this is turned on, the child will not be able to use the search feature and all videos shown in their feeds will be those handpicked by their guardians. Still, parents are advised that YouTube does not manually review every video uploaded so there are instances where videos that are tagged as preschool might contain inappropriate contents. In this case, the adults are advised to report the video immediately for review.

This is a good option for those parents who allow their kids limited screen time. As per the recommendation of Anaheim preschool, children four years old and below should have very minimal screen time.